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    Getting out of the Honda Game...

    Parts added bump: Gude/Bullfrog LS head Package + parts CIVIC/CRX URETHANE BUSHING KIT Honda CIVIC CRX ECU CIVIC/CRX BLACK GUAGE CLUSTER DASH COVER ACURA INTEGRA PR4 INTAKE MANIFOLD Acura Integra LS Stock Differential Acura Integra LS/RS Wiring Harness Honda
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    CA 1988 Honda CRX with BAR (Smog) legal LS Motor Swap

    I am selling my baby that I have had for the past 9 years in order to get a car with more space for my growing family. I am the second owner of this vehicle and all of the modifications are listed below. The car handles great and there is power (with a lot more potential) to back it up. The only...
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    Getting out of the Honda Game...

    I am cleaning out my stock of Honda Parts: crxtreme 1 items, buy and sell Parts Accessories on eBay Motors=
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    1987 CBR Hurricane

    What does the insurance run on a bike like that?
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    black box on the back of LS block?????

    :werd: The PCV valve is a plastic part that has a 90 degree turn and is located between two of the runners on the intake manifold.
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    Our New Puppy :)

    :werd: Boston Terriers are cute too. That is a good looking puppy :)
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    AEM Filter cleaner?

    You should use the K&N or AEM filter cleaner because the oil is actually what helps catch the dust particles.
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    ECUs, Cam Gears and some other stuff FS

    Vortech FMU w/rebuild kit B)
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    crx ls swap WIRING

    That's what I did and it worked perfectly. :thumbsup:
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    stolen car report...

    He should be able to contest that since he had no knowledge that the car was recovered. Otherwise that is seriously bullshit.
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    the funniest thing on ebay

    First Bert and Ernie and now this... Puppets just can't be trusted these days... :D
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    99/00 Si WING

    I'd get the part number from the dealership and search for one from an online Honda parts dealer because It would probably be cheaper. $375.62 HERE
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    How do I change interior color???

    You happen to know the brand name of that?
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    need swap help

    Assuming your question is how to fix the idle, are your vaccuum lines routed correctly?
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    I new it wouldn't be long

    :werd: The only show I'd be willing to have my car on is overhaulin because they do quality work without all the bodykits/neon/flat screens.
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    88 CRX HF Swap Question.......

    I used the upper arms from the Integra for a while until I got my adjustable SPC units. The website I used for reference doesn't appear to be working at the moment. I creatively routed the Integra E-brake cables (they are longer) and they work fine. I believe that you can use the E-brake...
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    88 CRX HF Swap Question.......

    Are the they stock Integra springs and shocks that you are using? Is the aftermarket control arm that you are using made to just look pretty or is it supposed help with camber problems?
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    88 CRX HF Swap Question.......

    I have the same car and I did the rear disk conversion with the trailing arms from a 91 teg. Everytime I have seen write-ups on how to do the swap, they say to use the rear control arms and suspension from the CRX. So basically you are using only the rear trailing arm (with all the brake...
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