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    JDM ITR Rear Seat 00 model

    I have the complete rear seat black with red stitching, i got it to go in the back of my hatch, but am going a different route, i know most go for around 200, and around 200 shipping, I will post pics in the am , taking offers and i will post pricing with the pics.
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    JDM EK9 body parts

    I was going to do an EK9 oem type R conversion but lost interest in it some and right before i was going to do the body work my engine fell through and someone hit my car, thank god i still had my regular body work on there. Parts List: Complete Front Bumper with Grille, Type R lip, fog lights...
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    96-00 civic interior (light/dark gray) suspension/swaybars and much more...

    still got the front seats? would u happen to have just the seat pans would you? also on the side door panels in lt grey do you have the wiring for the auto windows and locks also?
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    NY Anyone got 1996Ek(hatch) parts

    I have a hood , front bumper with grille, lip and fog lights and rear bumper with lip also its all champ white I behind the bumper and behind the radiator, i got tons of pics and its all in great shape
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