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    NY 93 hatch for sale

    what about 2500 box ?
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    NY 1998 ECLIPSE GST!!! fs/ft

    i sent you an e-mail
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    1994 Honda Civic Hatch B16A2 5spd $2900

    hello hello i am interested in the car ! is still on sale ? can you send mi interiors pictures to my mail thank you !
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    AL 93 hatch ls/swap fs/ft

    Price ??? pics ?
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    VT 1992 Civic Hatchback with JDM Integra GS-R swap

    I all redy sent you an e mail can you send my more pics of your car, and your ph number please
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    MI Bumblebee ls/vtec hatch.

    HI , nice car ! you are only interested in a change or I can offer you cash for it ? i really like your car.
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    NY 1998 ECLIPSE GST!!! fs/ft

    hello Hi, sorry but what is the price ? $2200 ????
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    EG w/ K20z1 23k miles complete swap

    Hi Hello, do you have some pics of the car ? thanks
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    NV 1994 civic hatch h22 swap 2900 obo

    you sell the car or is still on sale ?
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    NY 93 civic with H22a for sale

    very good car but so much taxes for import at costa rica.
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    NY 93 civic with H22a for sale

    what is the price ?
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