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    B18B1 into 98 EK Hatch

    if your ac bracket doesnt fit.. i have one from a b20.. it was in my gsr ek..
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    knock sensor for b series

    anyone got one for sale..??
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    knock sensor for b series

    need a knock sensor for my b series.. thanks!!
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    b18c1 in 96 civic.. probleeeems..!

    well the motor is from my integra.. had no problems when it was in the integra.. and didnt have problems when i first put the motor in my civic.. just started to happen 6months after the motor was running good.. i do smell the coolant.. but its from the motor.. dont know where.. idle.. i dont...
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    b18c1 in 96 civic.. probleeeems..!

    okay first off.. got an obd1 b18c1.. in an obd2a civic.. so many ploblems.. where to start... -when i first start my car.. at any time of the day.. the rpms jump up and down between 200-800.. until the car warms up then idles at 1200..?? -and when in idle.. sounds to be in the tranny...
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    B18c5 Eg Swap Problem. Need Help Please !!!

    you will need a b series harness.. and take the plug off of that.. i got one if you need it..
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    Rear Mount Bracket

    they should be the same..
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    B16A2 from 99 si to 98 Ek ... need help

    everything is a direct bolt on.. just swap it over.. and get a piggy back obd2a-obd2b harness.. and youre set..
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    B18C5 Type-R fitment?

    with the 92-95 civic.. all the mounts from the type r will bolt on.. use the axles from the type r.. basically a bolt on.. except wiring.. and with the a/c.. use all the parts from the civic.. and use a94-95 delsol bracket.. or crv bracket.. if you were to go with the 96+.. i'd go with the...
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    b16a engine mounts ? avid - hasport ?

    go hasport.. yes the si mounts..
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    What Gauge Clusters Fit In A 93 Civic

    i heard the 94+ integra clusters plug up.. but not sure.. doesnt fit the dash though..
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    B18B in my 92 EG hatch...coolant temp sensor

    i got a 96 civic.. 94 gsr motor.. and a modified 96ex engine harness.. man.. im having the same exact problem.. after about a day of driving.. my coolant seems to be half gone.. my temp gauge starts to increase like its overheating.. but only when im idle.. when starting the car.. it idles at...
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    Air Conditioning Question: 97 Hatch w/ Type R Swap

    get all d series a/c parts.. -compressor. condensor... all the lines should be there.. b-series a/c belt.. and either a 94-95 delsol a/c bracket.. or a CRV bracket.. both work.. and it will all bolt right up..
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