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    Question On Boost.

    OK what you put up there pretty much makes my case. It is variable I never said constant but it you look most motors run between 12:1 to 14:1 the high the rpm the more fuel needed that is why to run huge turbos you have to upgrade the fuel system hi flow pumps, big injectors ect.. The part...
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    Question On Boost.

    Boy things really got screwed up in here. It all about how much of a mix of 14:1 fuel air ratio you can get. Intercoolers allow more air to get in at the same psi than running without one. So air flow, psi and air temp all work together you can't just say airflow doesn't matter, it does as...
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    H22a Or B16a2?

    I haven't weighed one but 1600 sounds much more likely than 2000. I'm not sure where you got that number but weighing it is the only real way to tell. curb weight the weight on the door is maximum vehicle weight loaded.
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    89 Honda Prelude

    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=7] I have a Honda Prelude SI with a B2045 engine. 2.0L DOHC I have had no luck finding parts for these motors. Anyone know a good place to find cams turbos ect... The body is almost cherry and I really like the body style. Please drop a line or e-mail me at...
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