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    Anyone in iowa want a lsvtec hatch?

    the swap alone is worth that much,
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    Anyone in iowa want a lsvtec hatch?

    also pics of the interior?
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    Anyone in iowa want a lsvtec hatch?

    how long before you have to sell it? i can have 2500 in a month and half in cash, where in iowa?
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    Anyone in iowa want a lsvtec hatch?

    asking price? i live in omaha so not very far, where in iowa?
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    94 integra- 500whp

    any kind of asking price?
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    96 Civic Shell & 98 Grand Am

    Sure, I'll have some up today at around noon my time.
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    96 Civic Shell & 98 Grand Am

    1996 Honda Civic: Shell, comes with hood also, bumper cover is pretty much effd. $1000 1998 Pontiac Grand Am: Running, drivable. few scratches and scuffs as usual from an older car. Has a popping noise coming from the front passenger side. $1000 Pics on both will be up sometime tomorrow.
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    d15b8 full swap super cheap!!!

    pm me with more info.
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    OBD2 d16y7 into an EF

    ive never seen anyone go bad from using that ecu with that motor, but hey as i said before shoot me a pm about that y7
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    OBD2 d16y7 into an EF

    hey btw if you dont want that y7 ill take it off your hands:]
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    For sale d16y7 motor and tranny $200 OBD2, low miles

    ^^ haha really, dont post on this old of a thread.
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    FS: all d series parts

    I have pretty much every part from a d16y7 all ob2 including automatic tranny ask me if i've got it. located in omaha, ne so could ship to both coasts. shoot me a pm
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    FS:Garage Sale

    send pics of the b18 to and we'll talk.
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    NE WTB: obd2 D16Y8

    Looking for a D16y8, blew the hell out of my y7. I'm looking for the complete engine, tranny, ecu, and shift linkage. If you also have a shifter you wanna get rid of or a manual clutch pedal assembly that'd also be great, let me know. Thanks.
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    D16Y8 Cheap

    about a month old, just wondering if you still have it, send pics to
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    FS: B18B1 .20 over new + b series parts

    if you still got em, pics to both blocks, also pics of the hot tanked y8
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    d16y7 with d16y8 head

    i'll give you 800 shipped to 68128.
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    Nc FS: 98 vtec swap engine,trans ect $550

    ill give you 575 if you give me the linkage and the clutch pedal assembly also.
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    my first project EK (EM1)

    holy drool, nam nam nam nam.oh if i had the money.
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