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    Where're so. cali. mechanics to do my hybrid?

    Im in san bernardino cali if you can go there i do swaps all the time.
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    F! the RED

    LOL my mom wouldint let me buy a red car for that very reason.
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    It's Time To Party!

    Yeah yeah, i just might show up if you dont mind if i bring a friend.. My cars up for a swap at the moment.
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    The new Jeffery update!!

    yeah B20 Vtec im sure, i just still have some previous registration tickets that DO need to be paid so i have about 500 left and and trying to use it to make some more money befor i blow it on the tickets. :) I will post pictures next time im in the garage. its cold right now lol Also the...
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    The new Jeffery update!!

    Ok well as most know the GSR got hit out in el montie... Or maybe you guys didint know that. Either way it got hit and the quarter pannel was dented pretty bad. So i finaly sold her for 4200...... With out hte S2K seats. I then baught a 94 LS integra thats clean, But i find water in cyclender...
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    272hp b16

    I thought it wa kinda cool. We didint even get to tune with a biger ma o hit wa way off. Thanks for the shit guys...... I know its not killer but its pretty cool, and what would be more repectible a number conidering a beat up sir1 is the base with a small T3/t4 with ss autocrap the wrong map...
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    272hp b16

    Well I was at the shop all day yester day and we got are lil shop crx to hit 250+hp on the stock b16. Actuly we hit 272hp and 217 lb/ft. We need a bigger map though now so on gos a GM 3 bar. LOL thi things gonna have to go boom.......
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    Some anti-rice rice I came across. Ha.

    first gen fenders are all over the junk yard out here
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    30 Reasons why Chuck Norris is the man

    I laughed my ass off threw this whole ppost.
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    Check this out...

    Sadly im selling the integra, but only to start a new project. It got hit in el montie and id dont do body work so......
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    Check this out...

    An Email i get from some one interested in my car off recycler. I have heard of this scam befor. Hello jeff, Thanks for the e-mail and for telling me the condition of the (CAR) i have spoken with the Buyerand he make me understand that he is okay with the price and Condition that...
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    Here's a new one

    I always thaught that car had a cool body. Some one needs to make it happen
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    Well... damnit.

    How ruthless...... Naw but really B you should have a dog but what ever
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    Should I Crome Pro or no?

    B broke it down nice.........
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    WTB Shift Linkage

    I have a shifter and linkage from a gsr.....
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    My New Laptop to play with.

    what a butthole :mrgreen:
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    My New Laptop to play with.

    Aparently me E and agree on alot of the same shit. By the way cute dog, he/shes giveing you the eyeBALL. Oh yeah............nice butt hole :mrgreen:
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    flashing or burning

    Fer sure....... i just got my burn1 yesterday.
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    R1 vs Carerra

    Its tottaly balievible...... Whats so hard to believe? The car has literly 3x as much rubber on the road, let alone the power to weight ratio being very close im sure between the two. The car can dig the corner ALOT harder then the bike. Im sure the car didnt have R compound tires so why...
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