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    My roommates have the worst shits..

    a little bathroom poetry: no scent exhudes such intoxication, like my effervescent defication. the only rival to this subtle bliss, is the smell of my stagnant piss.
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    conversion question

    niiiiiiiiiiiicccccceeeeeeeeeeeee :) still waiting for it to arrive from ebay. i'm so ready to get this project rolling ;)
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    conversion question

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    conversion question

    will the shift linkage//pedal assembly from a 95 civic ex work with a jdm b16a engine and and tranny? i'm converting a 95 del sol to from an automatic to 5 speed. i figured it would because they are both 95's, but i'm not sure. all help is greatly appreciated;)
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    My Honda story

    okay're a baller, just like everyone else on the internet. get a clue brother. look, i joined this to talk to people about hondas, ask questions, and learn some shit. NOT to deal with dickheads that got hate in their blood. so you are gonna buy a caddy, good for you!! go join their...
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    Fast and the Furious - Arabian Drifting

    you guys are some characters :)
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    Engine/ labor price????????????

    i was quoted $2500 on old engine take out(del sol S w/ auto), install jdm B16a //5speed conversion. not including ecu, shift linkage, pedal assembly, and possibly a clutch. and that was a "hook-up". i am still looking at a few other local shops. any thoughts from you guys?
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    cute car, cute driver. doesn't suprise me. whats the tattoo all about?
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    My Honda story

    no worries...thanks for stepping up;)
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    My Honda story

    i am in the process of getting it through a trade deal w/ my integra. so technically i didn't purchase it. and if your the asshole paying $2500 for a b16, i suggest you spend a little time searchng harder. don't be so quick to judge people, or even assume a persons financial situation with out...
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    2000 Honda Civic Hatch w/ JDM B18C Engine

    best of luck, sir. car sale and marrige :)
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    DAMN girl, you're killin it out there!! nice car. clean, classy...i like your style welcome, i'm pretty new here too. still trying to get to know everyone here. but, for real...dope car ;)
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    These People Actually Walk Among Us

    well, we all know its true. only the stupidist, most ignorant morans make on t.v. or clips like those. i couldn't tell you how many times i have been that guy... :( j/k but you have to appreciate the fine edit job ;)
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    new kid

    sup buddy!
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    yyeeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhhh boooooooooiiiiiiiiiii, the conversation always goes to the fake titties vs. natural. what were we talking about again? ;)
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    I'm with Sean...nothing says "i love you" better than a big wet loogee
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    Hey, i just hit most of you guys up. K.Y. is my initials if anyone has ?'s ;) {}ne_Love
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    92 Civic from the mother F$%# South are nuts!=) funny shit though. I'm new to this forum, do you think you could help out with some questions?
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    My Honda story

    Basically, this is the story that brings me to this forum. I currently own a 94 acura integra LS auto. Love the car, but not as fun as my old Civic Si(87) a co-worker just put a piston through the block of her del-sol (s w/ auto), and sold the car to me. I have just acquired a B16a engine and...
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    Comment by 'KYgotSOL' in media 'my honda tat'

    cute tattoo ;) thats what i call a dedicated honda driver.
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