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    WTB: H22A 345cc Injectors

    i have them, $76 shipped
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    MA FA: JDM h22a partout.....

    money sent for throttle body
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    MA FA: JDM h22a partout.....

    how much for just the throttle body
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    CA for sale s2000 Invidia cat back dual exhaust

    i have a good condition Invidia N1 cat back dual exhaust for the Honda s2000 $400, i also have a s2000 air injection pump relay $30 and some new s2000 3000k yellow HID bulbs $20...located in riverside, CA
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    HI WTB: D15b7 Parts

    i have the fuel rail and injectors, $49 shipped
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    86 crx si I need parts

    i have a good condition IACV, $32 shipped
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    iacv fitv WTB!!!

    just pm me when you get the money
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    iacv fitv WTB!!!

    ill ship both to you for $30, they work good and are from a 95 civic
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