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    1 wire to 4 wire o2 sensor conversion

    if you put a 1k resister across the 2 black wires and just hook up the single wire from the 1 wire o2 you don't have to swap to a 4 wire sensor. The single wire sensor is much faster in response, but they don't seem to last as long and are not heated.
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    1988 Integra Swap PLEASE HELP

    Stock motor in an 86-89 teg is D16A1 86-87 were vac advance ignition and more is involved with wiring in an electronic advance engine swap 88-89 already have electronic advance ignition. Your best source of info and help on these swaps is I personally have an 87 teg with a...
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    Hondata Code Issues - WTF No Code Limp Home Mode - Help?

    If the Hondata interface box is flashing and you have a 4000 revlimit then the problem is not an engine code, but a lack of communicaiton between the interface box and the ecu. This could be caused from a damaged interface cable, bad chip or bad soldering. This really needs to be looked at by...
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    87 Integra RS - best engine swap?

    B-sereis is the only way to go in this chasis unless you just want a few extra hp, then you cna do a ZC swap. check out First Integration i personally have a 87 Teg with b18c5 turbocharged.
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    Recommended 1st gen Integra B-series swap

    Well, I have a b18c5 with a custom Revhard turbokit on my G1's making about 300 hp and is more fun and a whole hell of a lot faster than my ITR. Easily a 12 second car...probably lower. HAndles great too with the right suspension setup.
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    Go to Int he forums there is a sticky posting of what is needed. IT will be easier if you stick with a cable tranny and OBD0 engine, but you can do the hydro tranny with a littl emore work and convert to OBD1 for more tuning options and better reliability.
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    1st Gen Integra Swap Questions

    WTF is your problem? get a life
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    1st Gen Integra Swap Questions

    The only worth while swap is a B-series swap. Going OBD1 or OBD2 on the engine isn't a big deal.
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    Sensor help on first gen B16A

    The one on the back of the engine under the manifold is most likely the knock sensor wire. It really all depends on who didd the wiring harness and where the harness came from.
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    B16 -> 89 Teg

    Yeah, that's my car
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    If you are using a Hondata, just disable the ELD error.
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    Speed signal from 87 teg gauge

    I have a bseries with a hydro tranny in my 87 teg. I can use the standard electronic speed senor mounted in the tranny, but then i have no speedo. My other option is to mount the old cable sender from the d-series tranny into the hydro tranny. This allows the speedo to work, but I'm not sure...
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