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    stuff for sell

    it like 6 months old and i never play it any more
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    stuff for sell

    OK I have an Xbox 360 for sell, it come with The system, a 20g hard drive, a wireless controller, a wired controller. All for $200. The system is in mint condition and is the premium edition
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    yea new car

    just bought my self a new car, a GT mustang
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    WTT LS/VTEC turbo integra for car + cash Northern VA

    like i said i would def buy it but only have 2g's
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    WTT LS/VTEC turbo integra for car + cash Northern VA

    who much cash are you looking for with a trade
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    4 Sale: 97 GSR.rebuildable..great 4 JDM conversion

    i will give you $200 and an xbox 360
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    F/S white 96 EK hatch new jersey

    nice ride and i would buy it if i had the money
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    7th gen civic hatchback

    what would be the chassis code for a 7th gen hatchback, im thinking it a EP but idk
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    for sale/trade: show ready '95 Integra GS-R

    ya i would buy it to, but not a big fan of the 3g
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    f/s f/t 1992 Integra swapped turbod in PA

    dude i would def buy this car, i fell in love with the 2g tegs
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    Turbos or Superchargers

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    Turbos or Superchargers

    but it a great thing when you shift and everybodys heads turn cause they hear the psh
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    Turbos or Superchargers

    to me, i actually like the whineing
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    Xbox 360

    Whould anyone want to buy a 360 for 300. Comes with the hard drive, wireless adapter, Wireless controller, and online
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    Turbos or Superchargers

    What would you rather hear, the whistle of a turbo or the whine of a supercharger
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    first drive of the new CTR

    i Would def buy it, nice looking car
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    The New Type R

    ok well my bad,
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