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    Question about P13

    I love how everyone SEEMS to know the answers but compares everything to a P28. At any rate, here is the information you want. 1- 9200 RPM is way too high for a H22 engine 2- The program controls the auto trans, however.... * if you're getting a P13 ecu, make sure it's not the ATS version. If...
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    I'm sorry, did you say high 7's 1.8 NA???? I HIGHLY doubt that.
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    knock sensor

    Wow, lots of arrogance about what does and doesn't work.... If there is no knock sensor board on the OEM ecu, it cannot and will not look for the knock sensor. A p28 doesn't have the knock board, but don't use it for a 1.8 DOHC engine in its stock form, the fuel and timing maps are too weak...
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    Lifted pad? ECU Genious's.....

    I think you need to show pix. I know for certain, if you lift a pad, you may do more damage than you know. I have personally repaired ecu's for customers who tried it themselves. One had 13 pads lifted and traces damaged, at the end of the day, that customer should have just bought a new ECU.
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    ecu problem

    Yes, OBD2 cars still have the 2 pin jumper.
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    ecu problem

    How's he going to use a OBD2 scan tool on a OBD1 ecu? Rick, sounds like the conversion harness is bunk. I would try to get another to see it that fixes your problem. As far as changing the OBD2 connectors, sorry to say that was unnecessary. You can leave the injectors and all plugs alone on...
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    p28 and P13 chip

    No, it's not the same.
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    gsr secondaries???

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    p28 and P13 chip

    Not exactly..... You need to start with a P28 base then build it to P13 specs. Or you can use a P72, but you'll need to add the IAB hardware and remove the knock sensor info.
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    Please Help

    Use the LS OBD1 injectors.
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    Best throttle body sice and which factory

    And you think that changing VTEC will give you LESS fuel during startup? If you have the hondata system, then it should be tuned to the engine. It sounds like you either have NOT had it tuned, or your tuner sucks. Either way, you don't need the VAFC as mentioned before.
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    PR4 Rods In GSR Block??

    Welcome to your first post. Make your second one AFTER you read about the different parts of an engine. In short, you'll end up with a blown engine.
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    b16a sir1 swap

    It won't. The GSR can be reprogrammed to work for the B16A with IAB disabled. I realize this is your first swap, but ignorance doesn't mean we have to fix it for you. Do some reading, you'll find all the answers you need. Then come ask us about the minor detailed stuff. We know the difference.
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    Wireless Neon Lights

    IN MY BIG FAT HUMBLE OPINION...................................... Neon belongs here..... not here...
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    gsr obd2 engine harness

    No, it wont. I explained why.
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    gsr obd2 engine harness

    no you need the 99-00 Si engine/ecu harness for it to work properly. Edit: The GSR engine harness stops in the engine bay, it will NOT connect to your 99Si ECU directly. This is why you need the 99Si engine/ecu harness
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    Best Swap

    K24 with S2k Head Toss in a Turbo, call it a day.
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    knock sensor help.

    Sure the wire is hooked up to the ECU right? - Could be a bad knock sensor - Could be your engine is knocking all the time
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    4wire 02 sensor

    The year of your car. Don't get the wrong one because someone told you they were all the same, they're not.
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