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    VT 1992 Civic Hatchback with JDM Integra GS-R swap

    Do you have some pictures of the interior? This car looks like a crazy steal, but there's not really any way I could see the car before buying. Since it's almost 15 hours away from me.
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    KY FS or FT: 88 Crx & 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 650r

    Location? Pictures? (are a must)
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    WV 1997 Honda Civic Sedan - $2,300

    Shell + motor have 229,000 and Transmission only has 140,000 is what you're saying right? -How many owners?
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    I want your Opinion :)

    Yeah, my only concern is that the motor isn't in great shape if it has 65,000 miles on it but is burning oil? I wouldn't know the first thing to do about that.. Considering I would want it to be running fine so i could take it for trips 2+ hours you know? -Basically my concern is that he's...
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    I want your Opinion :)

    Here is the link 1990 Honda Very Clean Low Miles New Engine Lots of Mods He's asking 2200...
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    I want your Opinion :)

    So I found this car the other day. It looks like a STEAL. however, motor burning oil sorta made me think twice... So my question is do you think I should really be concerned about the oil burning (about 1qt per 3k miles) that much for a deal like this? 1990 Civic with many...
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    MI Getting out of the honda scene, my boosted white on green eg hatch up for grabs.

    Beauty of a car, actually in my area too... ha, too bad it's out of my price range! Glws thou! :)
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    NJ Civic Si Clone ForSale!!

    Bump for sick Car.
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    FL Sell me your crx si

    Where are you located? How much are you willing to pay?
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    2nd gen (1983) civic for sale, central illinois

    This thread is worthless without pictures..
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    TX Testing Waters - 1995 EG Hatch FT

    bump for a nice auto!
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    Getting modern warfare 2 this week!!!!!!!

    YES! I'm not the only one!!!!
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    Happy Birthday eg6sir

    Happy belated birthday. -Hopefully the after affects have worn off by now..
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    Google's Public Data

    Amen, couldn't agree more:D
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    NH 95 Civic Coupe w/ LS swap and other goodies

    :eek: I will be nowhere near your house unless I have purchased the car.
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    CA 1988 Honda CRX with BAR (Smog) legal LS Motor Swap

    You might want to post it up on Craigslist... -you probably wont get many offers or buyers with the 4500 price tag here..
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    Im new here

    Welcome to Honda Swap. You'll like it here.. and you'll find out that we've got a lot of stock fans here. And I mean A LOT. haha -but nice car (even if we don't like the muffler or rims). :)
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