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  1. 4U2H8ME

    My nightmare that won't end!!!!

    I have a lil experience with rotary engines, try pulling the connector to the ignition, checking the pins. The other is while you have the plug out, try inserting it back in and out(without completely locking it back in, just so it makes some connection), and cranking it at the same time. When I...
  2. 4U2H8ME

    95 accord smell like gas

    Check the gas tank seal, they tend to go bad, and give off a strong gas odor in the car. It's noticeable when accelerating and after filling up.
  3. 4U2H8ME

    What 5spd trans oil do I need?

    Use 10w-30 you be fine!
  4. 4U2H8ME

    Transmission or Computer?

    Try swapping the trans computer. The "S" light is the sport light.
  5. 4U2H8ME

    Transmission or Computer?

    I don't think it's the tranny computer, usually your d light or sport light blinks when the computer malfunctions.
  6. 4U2H8ME

    92 accord wont run

    Try checking the main fuel pump relay. It's located behind the dash on driver side about where your left knee.
  7. 4U2H8ME

    Blown head gasket? Warped block? Help!!!!

    Check the head and the block with a straight edge ruler for warpage, or take them to a machine shop, and let them check.
  8. 4U2H8ME

    jack o lantern ideals

    How about pin head from hell raiser, you could use toothpicks for the pins.
  9. 4U2H8ME

    damn kids today

    OK, I can beat all of you guy, forget atari, forget rotary phones, forget cable and satelite dishes. Can you guys say 8 track tapes????
  10. 4U2H8ME

    never loan anyone money... rant

    Well at least he's made the effort, maybe just not enough for you. but, being that he's an electrician, he should be making a shit load of money. they do here in NY.
  11. 4U2H8ME

    never loan anyone money... rant

    Been there. basically it cost you x amount of dollars to realize that you'll never do that again. Also is the money loss worth losing a friend, and vice versa.
  12. 4U2H8ME

    damn kids today

    WOW!!!!! You had 15 channels. I only had 2. HBO when it first came out, and If your old enough, a cable channel called WHT. Yeah they don't know how good they've got it, and damn it sucks to sounds like those damn adults that we all promised ourselves we would never try to sound like.
  13. 4U2H8ME

    91 Accord + H22 swap = No cruise control?

    Thanx, I'll take a look later and check.
  14. 4U2H8ME

    CEL codes 14/22

    Looks like the primary O2 sensor connector, not too sure from the pic
  15. 4U2H8ME

    soldering wires

    Try stopping by a local shop and see if they have an old harness they be willing to part with or sell cheap. I honestly wouldn't just use any old wire, especially when soldering for the O2 sensor.
  16. 4U2H8ME

    Please assist, h22 into a 95 ex problems

    1st. change the iac valve. 2nd. pin a4 vtec solenoid, d6 vtec pressure switch, ground to engine.
  17. 4U2H8ME

    soldering wires

    The best thing to do is use harness wire. If you have an old wire harness laying around that you don't need, use that.
  18. 4U2H8ME

    Hondas I did not know existed

    I never stated that the pic was 00-02. What I stated was the car in the pic the USA will never see, and that 00-02 also had a wagon too.
  19. 4U2H8ME

    93 prelude jdm wiring mess

    Find out what ecu you have in the car. If its the p13, the wire from the pressure switch has to be pinned out at d6, the vtec solenoid gets pinned out at a4, and the ground can be grounded to the engine.
  20. 4U2H8ME

    91 Accord + H22 swap = No cruise control?

    It has the H22 throttle body, I didn't use the accord t/b cause she'll choke for air at high rpm, I haven't seen any kind of cruise control connections that would go to the t/b. I'll post photos as soon as I can. I'm at work right now and just looking to pick someones brain. I did the swap 2 yrs...
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