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    v6 prelude

    ??? Not to thread jack a old thread and resurect it, But I saw some1 had written about a sr20. I have a blacktop with everything to drop in an s14 due to the fact I wrecked it before i dropped in the motor :( , Haven't really looked into it but is there a company who could fab a set of mounts...
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    NE FS: Full-Race/Eagle/EF and EG parts

    I sent you a PM can you reply ASAP
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    WTB EG suspension

    I am looking to buy a good EG suspension preferably full coilovers but willing to buy others. Please send all offers
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    TX Phyre's S**t for sale thread. Turbo Stuff / Wheels / Random.

    Will you take 40 shipped for the injectors?
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    question about body kits

    good kit I would definitely go with a quality made kit other wise you will end up paying more in the end. Vis makes a couple good kits.
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    Crx civic side skirt swap

    Does any know if the crx and civic side skirts are the same ( length )?
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    MI Need money sale!!

    If the injectors will fit my B16A1 Ill take 4
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    Nedd help with head gasket

    Does anyone know where I could go to find out a step by step on changing my head gasket? And another quick question, about how much power am I losing with a blown head gasket? Its a B16 A1
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    WTB EF 90 Body kit

    I need a EF HB body kit. Nothing fancy please thanks
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    WTB ARP Head Studs B16

    I need them fast
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    WTB ARP Head Studs B16

    Need a set of head studs for a B16
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    Head bolts/studs

    appreciate it thanks but is there any way to make sure?
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    Head bolts/studs

    Does any1 know if the B16A1 came with stretch bolts or not?
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    header and downpipe ?

    I've heard somewhere that on a del sol the engine was mounted higher or something
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    header and downpipe ?

    i know they will bolt up but will the downpipe hang lower?
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    vtec engages late

    quick ? Quick question? Sorry dont meen to get off topic but why is your rev limiter at 82? My redline begins at 8 and it wont really even bounce off the needle? Im new to the whole honda thing
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    header and downpipe ?

    Will a 95 del sol 4-1 header and downpipe fit on a 90 civic? Both B16
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    WTB brake kit 90 civic si

    I am looking for a big brake kit or something with alittle more stopping power. I need caliper,rotor,and pads fro all 4 wheels. Thanks
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    How do I install a P28 ecu

    alright thanks, you just saved me alot of headache all of y'll
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