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  1. makewheelies304

    HELP......Brake Lines 90 civic

    is it just me or does that look confusing as hell? and where is the booster? sorry im a tard
  2. makewheelies304

    HELP......Brake Lines 90 civic

    Anyone know where the two lines off the booster go into the proportioning valve at??? ive googled this and google images this shit and i cant find nothing!!! i labeled them before i ripped my bay apart, well of course the labels came off when it came time to put the car back together so im...
  3. makewheelies304

    Car windshield tint

    damn that sucks, both my daily drivers have 5 percent all the way around and 35 percent on the full windshield and havnt been messed with yet! my buddys wife has her full windshield at 35 percent on her tsx as well but she has a drs note and has been let go everytime! lol gotta love ohio
  4. makewheelies304

    GSR boost build 2012!!! Going for 800hp+

    i would run stock axels unless your trans is built.....i would rather break axles then transmissions!
  5. makewheelies304

    Should i get a 2000 civic si? or a 2000 integra type R?

    always happy with a k swap but you can get just as much hp with a b series and it will be way cheaper
  6. makewheelies304

    fs: b series stuff

    edit valve cover 30 bucks valvetrain minus head 30 bucks
  7. makewheelies304

    WTB: dizzy

    i need a obd 1 b series dizzy and a obd 2 b series dizzy OEM lmk if you have one
  8. makewheelies304

    fs: b series stuff

    i have some b series things i do not need Brand new OEM ITR pistons, still in box from honda-150 B16 oem valve cover-50 B16 bottom end minus pistons- 75 b16 oem valvetrain (comes with everything to put a head together minus the actual head) 40 and im sure there is more just cant think...
  9. makewheelies304

    Honda/Acura Turbo Parts - Injectors, Manifolds, OBD-1 Chipped, T04 Turbo

    i am also interested on the b series stainless mani....lmk if he dont get it
  10. makewheelies304

    OH DOHC ZC Swap.....CHeeeaP

    pulling it today, and guy is suppose to pick up tomorrow so sale is pending
  11. makewheelies304

    ek front on rex

    ya i wasnt a fan of it hatch was parked not to far from that
  12. makewheelies304

    OH DOHC ZC Swap.....CHeeeaP

    make your own thread......
  13. makewheelies304

    OH DOHC ZC Swap.....CHeeeaP

    i have a dohc zc swap for sale, i got this last year from hmotors still have papers and have maybe put 6500 on it or so.....Just got home from IA and made it there and back with no problems at all...this motor has no issues, does not leak or burn will get the motor, si trans, the...
  14. makewheelies304

    I'm selling everything I own on Ebay right now, no joke

    were you on channel 3 news the other day???? If so i seen youuu lol........if you do an auctioneer sale lmk ill be there buyin some shit!!
  15. makewheelies304

    15x8 0 offset on a civic

    im running a 10 offset on 15x8 and it sits nice, i rolled the fenders, and got the rear camber kit with some new lca's
  16. makewheelies304

    91 civic hatch questions

    for some reason i cant pm you, pm me your number...and ill shoot you a txt or call when i get into nashville next weekend
  17. makewheelies304

    Hot spots in Nashville?

    well you are there 2 weeks early then! lol its only the best show in the u.s.
  18. makewheelies304

    91 civic hatch questions

    alright man, it will be pulled in two weeks when we get back from IA...if your gonna be there i can give you my cell and you can come check it out and hear it run and what not if you want
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