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  1. b18a1build

    wtb p28 ecu

    I have one, $150 Shipped anywhere
  2. b18a1build

    NC ~ shop cleaning sale ~ getting out of hondas, everything must go!

    Would you come off of the p28 ecu? and if so how much shipped to 49009
  3. b18a1build

    B18 in 90 hatch help

    :search: :shocker:
  4. b18a1build

    Im stumped....91 crx hf

    Alright, heres the deal: 91 crx hf ALL STOCK WIRING with 9b dsm turbo...NO WIRING MODS period. stock injectors, alternator, battery size, etc. Went out to the car to start it up and....nothing Car would not turn over. On the dash the following lights are lit up when the key is in on the run...
  5. b18a1build

    97 Accord part out...mmm riiice

    I really need to get rid of it, lets say $350 for the motor, $500 with the trans
  6. b18a1build

    97 Accord part out...mmm riiice

    everything except intake tube, exhaust system, radiator had 200k before rebuild. New headgasket, intake mani gasket, valve seals, head was resurfaced, new oem head bolts, new timing belt, new power steering belt. Only mobil 1/royal purple used since rebuild
  7. b18a1build

    97 Accord part out...mmm riiice

    you can ask me on here too, I check it everyday
  8. b18a1build

    97 Accord part out...mmm riiice

    I do still have the car, and Ive already sold the f22b1. But still have the f22b2 and manual trans
  9. b18a1build

    Wtb ef tail lights

    I have both tail lights from a 90-91 ef. They are brand new OEM aftermarket ones. Stock style, just not Stanley. lmk.
  10. b18a1build

    Skunk2 Pro2 B series valvetrain for cheap!! must sell!!

    hey man shoot me a good deal on all of this to 49048
  11. b18a1build

    WTB 94-97 Accord Exhaust

    have a custom made one 3" all the way back from down pipe. f22b2 header if needed
  12. b18a1build

    97 Accord part out...mmm riiice

    thanks slushbox, and it is not a vtec motor. Also, b18efhatch, I do not have a dizzy for that motor. bump for questions :)
  13. b18a1build

    helping a friend

    if I remember correctly its like $30 per wheel with tires. They are a pain to ship lol but I would be willing to
  14. b18a1build

    helping a friend

    I have a pair of steelies( $100 w/ good treaded tires) for an accord and 17" Motegi RoJas ($450 w/ decent tires)
  15. b18a1build

    97 Accord part out...mmm riiice

    edit: some photos added
  16. b18a1build

    97 Accord part out...mmm riiice

    Well, after getting rear ended by a drunk driver, then got into another accident with the, im done with it. Everythings obo and you pay shipping ill pay pay-pal fees. I am only accepting money through check(only after it clears), money orders and pay pal. Full Exhaust from...
  17. b18a1build

    complete obd1 Mini Me swap for sale + more

    pics of the half rad? What brand?
  18. b18a1build

    The New Project/Restoration

    w00t, got the tie rod ends off and replaced thanks to some crows feet. Talked to the machine shop today and they are holding off boring the block out until I take them the pistons I am using. I am looking at Wiseco's pistons. 499 obo on ebay. Going to do the low compression ones for some B0oSt...
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