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  2. roninallout79

    crx cold starting problem

    You can also go to Napa or autozone or occasionally on Ebay and find a magnetic block heater. It just magnetically sticks to the engine block and it has a electrical cord that you plug into just like the ones you thread into the freeze plug port.
  3. roninallout79

    crx cold starting problem

    mine is throwing a code 6 it has brand new coolant. I might need to change the sensor or something hell I dont know
  4. roninallout79

    crx cold starting problem

    same thing Im having the same problem with my 88 CRX Si. When its cold outside its really hard to start. I cant figure it out. Ive read that it could be the cold start valve. Anyone have a clue where this is and how to change it?
  5. roninallout79

    d16a1 driver side mount plz help

    Im pretty sure that any d series tranny mount will work. Ive been through like 5 different tranny setups until I found the one I like and I used the exact same mounts with all 5 different transmissions. They should all mount up the same.
  6. roninallout79


    Has anyone ever heard of a PW1 ECU? I got it out of a four door honda Concernto. Before I go into changing my ECU I was wondering if anyone has any info on this ECU. I was also curious to know how it would stand up to my PM6 Im running now?
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  8. roninallout79

    zc ???

    Sorry bro Im in Germany. Not too keen on what the states use all the time. My bad
  9. roninallout79

    zc ???

    The ZC is actually a little more than the A6. The equivelent to a ZC is the D16Z2. Check out the refrence section for exact specs on what motors are comparable to each other.
  10. roninallout79


    Hell go old school and clear coat the gray primer.
  11. roninallout79

    ls dx swap

    What ECU are you using? Did you change the engine harness? what distributor are you using. Reason Im asking is you need at least a PM5 or PM6 to run a MPFI swap. The distributor is the same way the DPFI distributor will not work since the crank angle sensor is in the dizzy on the MPFI. Get us...
  12. roninallout79

    Again with the NO starting...

    Alright man check this out. This is some crazy shit. My homie had the exact same prob with his REX I fucked with this thing for a week before I found out what the problem was Not saying this is your problem but it will give you a place to start. Now under the hood go to your battery follow the...
  13. roninallout79

    dx to obd1 dizzy plug wiring?

    Do you have the 7 wire plug or the 5 wire plug??
  14. roninallout79

    88 CRX(DX) Stock to D16ZC

    Got what ya need Alright man heres what you need to change. You obviously changed the manifold next your going to have the change the distributor. The DPFI or DX D15B2 has a 5 wire cannon plug where as the MPFI or D16ZC has a 7 wire cannon plug at the distributor because the distributor now...
  15. roninallout79

    DPFI->MPFI help

    There not going to work. You need to use the SI plug because the DX harness only has 5 wires and SI has 7 wires. The si dizzy has the crank anlge sensor thats where the other 2 wires come from.
  16. roninallout79

    d15b vtec or d16z6 vtec?

    The differences are not just the .1L the cams are different as well. The stroke in the Z6 is longer. Stock the Z6 actually came with less horse and less torque. Check out the refrence section for more specs on the two motors.
  17. roninallout79

    DPFI->MPFI help

    Here its is straight to ya Alright man straight up there are three ways to really do this. One is to go online and but the conversion harness, change the manifold the distributor and if you want to use that P28 your going to have to find one if you dont already have one. The second way is do...
  18. roninallout79

    Wireing diagram

    I have alot of extra parts alot cheaper than anyone else is going to sell Oh yea and by the way this is the first time I have offered anyone a part to fix their problem
  19. roninallout79

    F/S ECU's, Harness's misc srping cleaning

    Ok so here is what I have I will try and get some pics later on but for now everything is best offer no low ballers please. (2) PM6 ECU's pulled out of running Hatch and a running Rex (1) PM5 ECU removed from a running hatch (set) of clear JDM clear corners for a 89-91 hatch or rex (1)...
  20. roninallout79

    Wireing diagram

    What exactly are you looking for the engine diagram or the car diagram?? Is your harness cut up or been jerry rigged? Do you need another one? I have a complete 1.6 DOHC non v tech harness laying in my basment if you need it its yours for 50 bones. TRU
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