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    Wtb dsm 450cc

    LIke title said.
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    Lsvtec problem

    Got a B18a1 bottom end with b16a head swap in my civic EF. Car sputters from 0-4000RPM but then after 4000rpm it picks up power and goes normal. Car is throwing code 7 right now cause I just replaced the tps sensor and guessing it needs to be set at the right voltage but I don't see why that...
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    Ft/fs 97 civic hatch h22

    Southwest of kansas. Liberal Kansas
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    Ft/fs 97 civic hatch h22

    I am looking mostly for trade. Any older hatches equal value or trade+cash. Or any other import equal value. Who knows throw some offer I might look into it. Otherwise Selling this car 8000. Engine JDM H22 W/ LSD Tranny (50K on motor) Custom 2.5 exhaust Ebay headers 3 inch intake Stage 2...
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    MS del sol 1993 h22

    Where are you located? Interested in a 97 Civic hatchback?
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    Wtb h22 stock injectors obo-2

    Needing Stock h22 injectors(320cc or 300cc) OBO-2.
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    B, H series throttle body

    Not use for it. This throttle body cost 300+ for brand new. And not it doesnt stick a lot.
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    B, H series throttle body

    Its FROM BDL not BLOX. Sorry bout that. BUMPP!!
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    B, H series throttle body

    I got a 70MM from blox throttle body for sell, no sensor included. 150shipped or OBO. PM for offer or pics.
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    h22 header AND hondata s200

    200 Shipped to 67091?
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    Wtb skunk2 manifold for h22

    Needing a skunk2 intake manifold for euro R for h22.
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    wtb d16y8

    i need d16y8 block with stock internals
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    Needing new headers

    Got a b20 in my HF crx. I'm looking for a good headers. PM if anyone got.
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    h22 EK problem

    I got a 97 EK hatch with a JDM h22A in it. Recently it started sputtering really bad around 2000-3000rpm. And now it seems to be running rich and blowing out black smoke when I floor it. I replace sparkplug/wires/cap/roters/fuelfilter. Can anyone give me advice to how to fix this problem
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    h22 ek spark plug

    Hm, I will change my gap size today and see what happens. If that don't work then I will check the injectors/fuel. The motor is pretty much brand new. I got it from Hmotor.
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    h22 ek spark plug

    No it doesn't end with -11. Hm, I check all the wires and ground see if there is any loose wires/plugs but I didn't find any. My firing order is right. When I changed the plugs/wire it worked for like a day without sputtering but then it just started to sputter again.
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    h22 ek spark plug

    NGK IRIDIUM. So I should go smaller?
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    h22 ek spark plug

    Hey, just a quick question. I got a h22 jdm in my 97 EK. Recently I just change the spark plugs and wires and it started to sputter on me. I was wondering could it be the gap size. I have mine set at .044 right now. If thats the problem should I go smaller or bigger?
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    h22 EK HATCH 97 1/4

    Hey there, Just a quick question. I just got a h22 ek completely stock. I need to know what would I run in the 1/4 mile cause I'm about the race a 07 Mustang GT for money and wanting to know if I could beat it.
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