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    Fs:'00 SI front seats & '98 GSR rear seat

    **********GSR Rears are SOLD************* ****Please PM with offers/questions....located in Stockton/Sac. area**** 1st:A set of '00 Civic Si front seats. I got these from a friend when my GSR front seats were stolen and I just bought a set of leather seats so no longer need them. The seats are...
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    FS: '01 Acura Integra GSR (Nor Cal)

    Well I'm selling my wifes 2001 Acura Integra Gsr it's got 58K miles on it. It has a AEM CAI, Greddy Exhuast, MSD Ignition, 18" Speedy Rims and custom taillights(I know!!!). The front leather seats where stolen so there is now 2000 Civic SI seats up front(It now has all leather 3/20/05). I'm...
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    FS: STR cam seal, pulleys & MOMO CF Pedals on Ebay

    Like the topic says I have some items for sale on e-bay. Trying to get rid of all the misc. stuff in my garage since I'm selling my cars. STR Cam Seal Auction STR Pulley Auction MOMO Carbon Fiber Pedals Auction
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    FS: 13x8 drag rims & M&H 22x8x13 slicks

    I am selling my set of drag rims & slicks on e-bay please take a look. 13x8 with 22x8x13 4x100 bolt pattern. E-bay auction for drag rims & slicks
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    FS:LS Block on E-Bay~~LS/Vtec

    I have an LS block on Ebay right now that I was going to use for an LS/Vtec All-Motor build but I'm selling the car so don't have any need for it anymore. LS Block Auction on Ebay
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    Well my screen name is now true!!!!

    Well I ran my car today and finally got it in the 12's with runs of 12.89, 12.85 and my best of 12.60 @ 109.29. :D ;)
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    WTB: A few stock '99 Civic HB parts

    Like the topic says my buddy needs a few stock parts. He needs stock taillights, the front door speakers and the stock air intake for a '99 Honda Civic Dx HB. Please let me know if you got anything for him. He can't stand the altezzas that where on the car when he bought it. On the air intake he...
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    All-Motor setup--Tell me what you think!!!

    GSR 1.8L block bored to 2.0L: Iron Sleeves JE pistons Eagle Rods Bore, Hone, Hot tank, Deck (if nec) Balanced Crank Polished Crank All new Bearings & Thrusts All new seals, and Oil pan Gasket New VTEC oil pump New VTEC water pump B16a Head Cams,springs,retainers P&P DTR Header 310...
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    CMI Speed & Show at Sac. Raceway

    Was just wondering if anyone plans on going to the CMI Speed & Show event at Sacramento Raceway on April 3rd and 4th.
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    FS:Integra exhuast on e-bay!!

    My buddy just got a new exhuast for his wife's '01 Gsr so he's selling his old axle back system on e-bay. Please help my buddy. ;)
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    FS:Integra Type-R Pistons with rings on EBay!!!

    My friend's selling his Integra Type-r Pistons with the rings on Ebay because he's decided to not go Ls/Vtec. PLease check them out and buy them so he can install the hondata system he's had forever now!!! :) ;)
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    Best motor to put into a '94 Ls Integra?

    I'm buying a '94 Ls Integra to make into a Drag car and was wondering what would be the best motor to go with? It's going to be for the all-motor street car class if that helps with the choices? I was thinking of a B18c1 bored to atleast 2.0L or a H22a. The only problem I have with a H22 is the...
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    Best suspension for a Drag Integra?

    I'm buying a '94 Ls Integra to make in to a full Drag car and was wondering what would be the best suspension set-up for it? It's going to be an all-motor street car if that helps with the choices?
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    Buddy's painting car help choose color?

    :D My buddy's painting his Crx and want's your help choosing the color!! :D
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    What all does it take to go from OBD0 to OBD1?

    One of my teammates is thinking of switching his car from OBD0 hatchback to a OBD1 and wants to know what all he'll need? Please need help ASAP!!!
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    Those from Nor-Cal check this out!!!

    I just found this site and just wanted to let you all know about. It's a Nor-Cal import site. NorCalImports
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    Anyone played the Need For Speed Challenge?

    Need For Speed Challenge Was just wondering if anyone here's been playing the Need for Speed Challenge? My best so far is 11.75 @ 113 w/ a 1.95 60ft.
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    What header to get?

    I currently have a DC Sports 4-1 header on my JDM B16a motor but it has a big dent in it. I want to get a new header and was wondering if there are better one's out there or should I just buy a new DC header? It's on a 90 crx if that makes a difference?
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