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  1. Jeef

    RIP Camaro

    I read a article that the corvette name is being ruined like the mustang name was in 2025. Electric suv
  2. Jeef

    Battery Tool Kits

    The special buy of the day has had a lot.of repeats lately, so it may be back in a week or so. I don't follow ryobi stuff, but they rerun a lot of the Milwaukee stuff.
  3. Jeef

    250WHP, time for a new build (boosted?)

    This thread is 11.5 years old. Most of the people in this thread have moved on.
  4. Jeef

    What Shaver do you use?

    Just trim, can't deal with razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  5. Jeef

    89 CRD D15b2 upgrades

    If its dual point injection convert to multi point fuel injection
  6. Jeef

    No start

    Do you have corrosion on any connections?
  7. Jeef

    This is what this country has come to

    They ran out of stuff to bash Trump for
  8. Jeef

    A Honda transplant question

    Drop a Subaru motor in it and call it a day. Common conversion.
  9. Jeef

    OR 86 & 87 crx for sale!

  10. Jeef

    I might need to order paramount+

    Its a great movie. You can usually get a free or cheap trial.
  11. Jeef

    scavenger hunt

    Red hot chili peppers, kitty, Rolling stones, white stripes,
  12. Jeef

    Can i Swap my 2001 crv to a d15z1

    Why this engine
  13. Jeef

    1965 C10 k4a2 swap.

    LS swap
  14. Jeef

    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    I got the jab for work. I felt like a train ran me over after the second shot, and was weak for weeks. Got the Rona 2 months after the second shot. I still spread it to the wife and kids. Really wish I never got the vaccine. After how I felt after the second shot I will not get the...
  15. Jeef

    EG Pickup truck

    I ordered a Maverick two weeks ago on the cut off day for orders until the summer. Hoping it won't take the six months they think it will..
  16. Jeef

    Square bolts?

    Sq2 most likely.
  17. Jeef

    2019 Rav4 Time for new tires

    I have had good luck with Cooper's had the cs5on the wife's car and they were good. I have been running them on my truck for since bought it. Working construction I have had a ton of screws in my tires. I have never pull any out and never had a flat.
  18. Jeef

    For Sale:1st Gen JDM B16A and Goodies $475

    We have not seen him since June 19 2009. I'd look else where, plus he probably sold it.
  19. Jeef

    1996 Acty SDX

    I have seen at least 5 or so of these lately and a couple of the vans.
  20. Jeef

    block light but not airflow

    My oldest had a dairy issue when he was a baby that caused a lack of sleep. My wife had to give up dairy because she breast fed. There is dairy in a lot of food, check all labels. My kids can not tolerate dairy to this day, except butter. If your wife breast feeds it might take some time...
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