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    LS1 Engine for sale 60k crated

    Anyone interested in an Ls1 from a corvette with 60 it came out of my dads, long story but its mint...LS1 Engine
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    NOW here's a Bimmer i would like to own
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    Got a Job offer

    Welp, I've been tired of my job for some time now as a worker's comp claims assitant. And Just recently i been really do some job searching. I'll try to make a long long story short.....Basically i am getting low balled in my pay at work. I've taken on the job of two former supervisors...
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    Bought a new car

    Welp, I really had to get rid of the Explorer. I hated it pretty much. Talked to my uncle and the cobalt and monte carlo were out...I needed somethign good on gas...soooooooooo I bought this 2005 Scion Tc 5spd with 12k miles....I like it...its a nice car with nice options for the right...
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    god so tempted right now

    Well, My uncle runs Southington Chev in Ct and he told me he could put me in a Silver 2006 Cobalt SS Supercharged fully loaded for under 19k.....or a Red 2006 Supercharged SS Monte Carlo with 600 miles on it for 24000...cept it only comes in an Auto and i am done with Auto sport cars.... if i...
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    being high at work

    So on monday, i pinched a nerve in my neck somehow and i could not turn my head left...i went all day monday with the pain...Yesterday..the pain radiated down to my shoulder even worse then my i went to a walk in clinic.....He prescribed Flurbiprofen for pain and carisoprodol for...
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    New LCD tv

    Welp, since me and the girl are all settled in now..we survived two weeks..its actually been freaking was time for a second TV...we currently have small 20" panasonic flat screen(not panel) in the living room. So i decided to take the LCD i went to my favorite...
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    naked man gets tasered in the nutz, news at 11
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    Found An Apartment

    So me and my girl found a real nice place in Southington CT.....Its an In Law Apartment 1100sq ft $1250/m, attached to a family's house....Real nice church going family.....Its 1 Bed Room, 1 Bath, Big Living Room with Fireplace, Seperate Dining Room with a cherry wood dining set already in there...
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    Lawyer Joke

    One afternoon a wealthy lawyer was riding in his shiny limousine when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass. Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate the situation. He asked one man, "Why are you eating grass?" "We don't have any money for food," the...
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    Went Bed shopping with the woman

    So...Here's the low down...I've needed a bed for about 2 years...i have a crappy Serta Full size bed that is shot to hell and i have had back problems for the past 2 years....its about 13 years old So me and my girl are looking through the flyers and see that there are queen size beds on sale...
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    Apartment shopping

    So i went on to find a place for me and my girl...i found a REALLY nice place yesterday...2 bed room 1 bath 950/m includes heat, gas, water, trash pickup see here(apartment) i make an appointment for sat in the morning....well i showed my friend nikki this place cause she...
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    Selling the Vette

    Welp, Reason has hit me and logic has just set in...I've had the car 3 years now and its beena great three years..but..its time i start saving money...and the Vette has to go.....Plus its just not a practical car always having to store it in the winter...So its time ot say goodbye...Its up on...
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    Gorgeous del Sol on ebay

    This is really nice...must kill this guy to get rid of it Del Sol
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    Car Hi-jacked in New haven ct parking garage

    Nope not mine, thank god. But my dads mechanics's son who is a lawyer in New Haven Ct got a knife put to his throat by two black guys and they told him"this car is ours now"..It was a newer Audi A6....Lucky SOB imo.... Bri maybe you know the family..Its the owner's of Ricks Automotive by...
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    10.150 run

    This is a pretty sweet run of one of the guys on the forums....he has a nasty lil setup..on his 89...He's a Tuner in PA .. One day i will run this fast :p but not N/A
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    Anti Looters

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    What A Tower

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    The band HIM

    Never heard of this band before but this one song i heard is pretty dam's a link to the video...i found them while looking for distubred stuff HIM
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    Mr. freeze

    What do you guys think of this seems the mustang guys are making huge numbers with this kit picking up 50 - 100rwhp(octane pending) looks cheesy but it seems to work...wonder if it would fit different v8 applications? Mr Freeze
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