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  1. integraslut78

    FS - BNIB Skunk2 Dual VS & Ti Reatiners - ES Bushing Kit

    Skunk2 Stuff FS - BNIB Skunk2 Dual VS & Titanium Retainers Integra / Civic ES Full Master Bushing Kit FS - BNIB Energy Suspension Bushing Master Kit Integra I am out of the game, my car will also be up for sale later this month if you know anyone that wants a trophy award winning 2001 JDM...
  2. integraslut78

    Bye Bye Hell A Hello Digidesign

    Well today I finally leave Hell A (Los Angeles) and head back to Nor Cal (East Bay Area) I packed the U-Haul and then got a trailer for the G-Ride. Some of you may know I work in Hollywood (well worked in Hollywood) at a Post Production Studio called Post Logic we worked on Tv Shows, Movies...
  3. integraslut78

    Can't Find Tires That Fit My Car

    So I have been looking and looking and looking for new tires and I need them Thank God for my DD bucket. Anyways I am running 16x7's with a 205/45 tire and I can't find any tire I want that makes that size. Dunlop Direzza's.... Nope.... Falken Azeni's.... Nope.... Toyo Proxes T1R... Nope... So...
  4. integraslut78

    Sell Car With Parts Or Separately

    So I am really done with the Honda game too many of my friends cars getting ripped off so before I fully decide what I am going to do I have a question. So I have a bunch of parts I have been collecting for my rebuild (CTR/ITR Cams, Skunk2 Full Valve Train, One of a kind Bisimoto Header, and...
  5. integraslut78

    PLEASE HELP - ITR Cluster in 2001 Integra GS

    So I bought a 2000 ITR Cluster from Hmotorsonline and I install it everything is great except the temperature gauge os just pinned, well I talk to Steve from Hmotors and he said bring it back and I can try a 1998 ITR Cluster it may work or it may do the same as the 2000 ITR Cluster, sure as hell...
  6. integraslut78

    FS - AEM Big Brake Rotor Kit 4 Civic/Integra

    Up for sale is my AEM Big Brake Rotor kit with Caliper relocation kit all in one. I got this kit 2 years ago but I have looked all over and can't find it now since it is discontinued so I am not too sure what to charge for it. It is brand new in the box never been installed or anything, you will...
  7. integraslut78

    Do These Actually Do Anything

    So just like the title says... All you auto-x's and road racers do these do anything??? Don't get me wrong regardless of what you say there's no way I am dropping $500 on them anyway, I just want to know....
  8. integraslut78

    TW / FS - Integra LS Mesh Wheels and Kumho Ecsta 195/55/15

    Up for sale are my stock wheels from my Integra, they have been sitting in my garage for awhile now and I want to finish my head rebuild or buy a new set of wheels. (3) of the wheels are in excellent minty shape and (1) has a gash on it from the previous owner, I inluded a pic of the gashed one...
  9. integraslut78

    Does anyone else think Barry Bonds is a Piece of junk

    Does anyone else think Barry Bonds is a piece of shit???? I mean come on he only bats once a game at games that he doesn't do well verse the opposing pitcher and then games he does well he plays the whole game. No offense if you like him but I don't think he deserves to beat Hank Aaron, in...
  10. integraslut78

    FS - ITR Intake Cam $100 obo

    So I bought a set of ITR cams and I only need the Exhaust since I got a CTR inake cam (since it has more lift and duration) so I have the intake cam for sale it has about 70k on it but it is in perfect condition. Pics to come soon probably tomorrow I have to go to the Crystal Method show right...
  11. integraslut78

    High Flow Catalytic Coverter good brands????

    Hey peeps...LOL I was wondering if anyone had any good experiences with a specific brand??? I have heard of a few brands (Random Tech. & Magnaflow) but just wanted to know your guys input... Any help is appreciated I guess I could of done a search but I am lazy:) Thanks in advance.
  12. integraslut78

    Eibach Meet 05.20.2007 So. Cali

    So I went to the Eibach Meet this past weekend and I brought my camera and the batteries don't hold power anymore I seriously took 2 pictures on each battery and they died. So here is a link to the honda tech picture thread ALOT of sick cars out there. Even a rear engine Integra with a H22 SO SO...
  13. integraslut78

    So I have been thinking......

    So I have been wanting a bike for awhile now, but I don't want to kill myself, I really like going fast so I think I may have found something that may work for me.... Here it is.... Thoughts???? By the way it's an Aprilia RS125 but they also make a RS250, I think it will be enough bike for me...
  14. integraslut78

    Help me choose cams

    Ok Hopefully I am putting this in the correct forum, I am buying new cams for the Slo-Teg for just a mild increase in power I am not looking for big numbers or anything, just a little more power so i can do auto-x soon. So what should I get CTR cams or Skunk2 Pro series stage 1's???? Some...
  15. integraslut78

    NTB Virgin P72 OBD1 Manual ECU

    Yes NTB Need to buy a OBD1 P72 Manual ecu I got fucking jacked again and I am real sick of this shit once I get this the Slo-Teg may be sold. Please let me know what you have oh and I am broke as a joke so if it's over $150 I can't do it. Also If you are new here you better have some people...
  16. integraslut78

    So am I stupid or did I make the right decision

    So I have been at work since 7pm and it is now 4:20am and me leaving is nowhere in sight..... I was asked to stick around to do a DVD for Paramount for the new Mark Wahlberg movie "The Shooter". So back to my question.... Am I smart or just plain dumb???? I could have gone home and been in...
  17. integraslut78

    So. Cali Meet at Eibach Feb. 10

    So. Cali peeps or whoever there is going to be a huge Compact Car meet at Eibach on February 10. I beleieve it's in Corona but hold on I will get the link. I am going regardless so if no one wants to go well.... you know what you can do. I have seen pics of previous meets and it's ridiculous...
  18. integraslut78

    WTB - B-Series VTEC Valve Cover

    Just like the title says I am looking for a stock B series valve cover so I can get it Powder coated let me know if you guys have anything and a price. They seem to be more expensive than I thought. Thanks.
  19. integraslut78

    High Octane Gas Question

    Ok hope I am putting this in the right section. Here we go so my friend bought me a barrell of VP Racing Streetblaze 101 Fuel, and I have it in my grarage I was going to use it for my jet ski but was told the ski will run too hot with that high of octane. So here is my question now with my weak...
  20. integraslut78

    NOOB question of the Year

    So I just got a new torque wrench but I can't remember for the life of me how many foot lbs. of torque to torque down my wheel lugs???? It's a 2001 Integra with 16" Rotas and the buddy club lugs if it matters. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Oh and let the flaming begin :ph34r:
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