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    where is the port to read the CEL

    i am looking for that port to check the CEL on a buddy's accord and i have no clue where its located on the accord. can anyone tell me where i can find it? edit: the one where you put the little jumper on it to make the light blink
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    PA gloves helmets and tank guard (motorcycle stuff)

    ok guys i have some gloves laying around, they are all brand new! never used sizes i have are large and MD right now. I have BOXES of motorcycle stuff sitting in my dads basement, i went there yesterday and i am going to take one box at a time and sell them off! so to start here is a picture of...
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    Help car doesn't turn over!

    ok guys i am racking my brain right now! i have no idea what to do and i am lost. here is the deal, i got my wife a 96 integra 4dr. it needed some work and i am working on it. yesterday the driver side speaker was turning off and on, i took the radio out and i found an bad tape job. remember i...
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    spring question

    hey do the springs from an ek fit on a dc? i always thought that the eg springs where the one that fit
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    wiper switch bad or something else?

    OK so when i push down on the arm it doesn't move when i put it on INT nothing 1 nothing but 2 it works like 1. So i am wondering if it is the wiper switch or if its something else i should look for?
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    PA WTB 4dr EK 4dr teg 4dr accord

    got it lock it up
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    exhaust help.

    Ok for some reason i know i read something somewhere! but i can't remember for the life of me. My wifes car her exhaust is jacked up and i mean JACKED. so i got her a header, new cat and i ordered and exhaust. turns out the exhaust is on back order. no big deal that was back on dec 8th. so i...
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    PA WTB Interga parts

    I am in need of 94-97 integra driver side headlight 94-97 teg driver side fender if its in red that would be PERFECT!! please pm me or email me with what you got!
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    cold start problem

    Ok guys my wifes car has a little problem that is getting on my nerve. It just started happening about 5 days ago and I am a bit lost. My wife has a 94 integra ls. its all stock but the filter. (k and n) so the other day my wife went to go start her car and i heard it take a few turns more then...
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    what would cause a dizzy to blew 3 times in 6 months?

    OK guys i am going crazy here. my wifes car was fine and in sept we where leaving the store and pop her dizzy blows. ok got a new one put it in and it ran perfect. then on sunday she calls me and says the car turned off on me. so i went to get her and again the dizzy was dead. put in a new one...
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    oil pan gasket question

    hey guys and gals i need to change the oil pan gasket on my wifes car and i was wondering, can i change the gasket without taking her exhaust manifold off? or lowered? anyone have any tricks on how to do it?
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    wtb any 4dr civic teg or accord

    ok guys and gals. my brother is in the need of a car. it has to be 4dr and has to be auto! please let me know what you have. also his funds are limited right now
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    ok so my b18 was acting funny yesterday

    OK i drove my hatch to work like i do everyday. no problems. at the end of the day i needed gas and i knew i did so i started the car i usually wait for my mp3 player to start playing before i drive off, being that it was a nice sunny day i knew i didn't need a full warm up. my mp3 player takes...
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    help wifes teg just died

    ok my wife went to the gas station turned off the car. then she was driving home and she got about 3 blocks and called me going crazy " the car doesn't run". so i flew down took out a spark plug cable and a spark plug. i put it on a ground and nothing no spark. had her just turn the key and i...
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    always wanted fog lights for my eg :)

    well i said to myself let me get some fogs got a good deal on a set and i spent the past two days putting on. why two days because i am a lazy i started yesterday and then stopped to go play basketball and some killzone on the ps2. then i said let me get it done today so i did let me...
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    how do you host a website from your home pc?

    ok well i have my small ass website, but i am so use to them and they are now closing. they want to stop all webhosting as of sept 14th. so now i am going to be out my website and my email that i use alot! it angers me but i don't know what to do. i heard the rumor is i can do it at home let me...
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    87 rx7 turbo 2 part out

    i know its not the right site but you never know! i have an 87 rx7 turbo that i am parting out anyone need any parts off it? motor is gone along with the tranny
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    wtb a auto b series tranny

    title says it all i need a b series auto tranny location 18301 but my buddy that needs it and he is in the bronx let me know
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    wtb a da shift linkage

    i know someone here has a DA shift linkage for sale please let me know asap!
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    help with a swap :)

    ok guys and gals my buddy is doing a swap and i am trying to help him. i normally don't do da's but i told him i would give him a hand. so we got everything wired and the motor turns over BUT it dies. now there is a big ass sensor in the picture it has 2 prongs almost right above the oil...
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