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    1999 Civic Type R (sorta)

    Well not exactly a "type R", but i got your attention. Read on. Original cost I was asking for was 10k, I've decided to lower the cost 2 grand. Really for the simple fact that I have too many cars than I have space to put them. I'm sure about 10 of high ranking members here can vouch for me...
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    Attention college students.. (or guys that like hot chicks)

    HSer in need of some combined wisdom, please chime in, a dumb idea might lead to a great one. Some of you have seen my post for .So for various reasons, the website we are partnered with are not going to be able to push CampusVixen this upcoming spring (but for good reason which...
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    There are a ton of things we're going to do while we're here at our first house, some are still on the decision block, some are deff getting done. This project is remodeling our basement. There are a few reason why we want to do this. Some of which include: No insualation in the entire...
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    whats up guys.. ok so for the last 3 months i've been working on a new project. First the short version for everyone that doesnt want to read the book. I was gonna shoot up a banner on HS but B suggested "just fucking post it in the lounge bro". We ran it as a kind of test market at Towson...
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    Testing waters

    No idea what happened to my previous user login (old name mdlax1) Baltimore Maryland Well there are a lot of reasons for the testing waters sale thread. First and foremost, im not tool, im not noob don’t embarrass yourself or insult me with some crap offer. You'll see below parts were chosen...
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    Issues starting.

    So i moved into my new place, my hatch sat for about a week. When i went to move it, she wouldnt turn over. Here's what i know. 1) im getting spark 2) as far as i know the fuel pump is working (hear it turn on when key is "on") 3) as far as i know im getting gas (what exhuast does come out...
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    Why is the usa the fattest country?

    This is why. French fry holder K-Enterprises, Inc.'s Fries & Things "Securely holds all major fast-food French fry containers." And it fits into most car cupholders, finally solving the problem of where to safely place fries while driving. There is no known effect on cholesterol. Dont get me...
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    Today 28 years ago your mom said her first curse word. You get a pack of weenahh's hapy birthday. oh and hunnicut told me to tell you hi too.
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    raise your hand

    if your drunk omg im laughing lol
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    Big day for the family..

    First time home owner signs a contract for his first new home. Here's a few pictures. But before hand i'll give you a quick run through. 4 bedroom 2 bathroom (has a hook up for a 3rd bath we'll probably put in). 1/2 arce yard (rare in the north east). 2 sheds in the yard 3 car driveway. Deck...
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    2000 3.2 TL?

    i have a quick question about vafc's and a 2000 3.2 TL V6. Good friend of mine, just kinda getting into the scene wants to buy my old vafc from me (version 1). I have a full standalone so i really dont need it anymore. Either way. Can anyone point me to the wiring schmatics for this car and...
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    wtb: donjoy iceman

    need one of these, shipped over night. Wife is having knee surgery and apartenly these things like to take shits 4 months after use.. convienetly enough donjoy only warranties them for 3 month.. fucking t shirts have a longer warranty.. fucking assholes.. anyway, maybe someone out there owns...
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    Since there's no CentralEast new forum just starting up. Not specific to honda's just love for cars.. few of the mods/admins on HS are on the site. Check it out hs guys chime in... if possible Pin?
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    Interesting question...

    me and a buddy have a bet.. i think female on female action is more profitable in the porn industry.. he thinks it's oral and group sessions.. im curious to know what you guys thing.. what would/do you pay for?
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    Beater for sale mid atlantic Located in baltimore, all the information you could possibly want is on that link. Has pictures etc etc. If you have questions otherwise, let me know
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    Yard Sale mdlax1 at civic land dot com JVC detachable face cd player (had this in my old civic, i actually like this unit more than either in my other civics but too lazy...
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    IAT sensor question(s)

    well i have a wiring question. First the setup: 99 SI ecu 99 Wireharness 98 USDM ITR motor. My problems comes from a a code #10 IAT (internal air temp) senor. More setup. Tegs have the IAT senor mounted inside the intake manifold, SI's have theirs on the intake pipe itself. When i did this...
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    Type R crank pulley trouble.

    Got the gears on.. glad i checked one of the caps, i put it on backwards so fixed that too. The timing belt isn't on. I posted that picture to see if that tension up between the tops of the gears is acceptable. Now the tricky part. So i go to put the crank pulley on. Took it off cause the old...
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    -*-*-FS 98 Spec USDM type R Cams/SPrings/Retainers

    For sale 98 spec usdm Type R cams springs and retainers. Cams look GREAT and i mean like seriously great.. suprising great shape. Springs show signs of wear but not much at all. At least another 60k worth in the springs and retainers. Will have pictures later tonight. Trying to get 450 for all...
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    Type ARGh project

    It's kinda general cause it's not really tech questions etc.. wanted to drop you all an update on my car.. non of you will really care except a few im sure but something for your viewing/reading pleasure.. something new. Almost 2 years ago swapped out my 99 ex with a us ITR. I was a lowley...
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