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    longest mounth ever

    Just got home from a 7 week Reno from hell. 1800 dollar phone bill was waiting and I suspect I will have another coming. So y aim back for 1 week then off again to get the finishing done. 3200sqft condo. And man will I be glad 4 weeks from now when it’s done
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    need help choosing a video card

    Memory Express Computer Products Inc. - Memory Express basiclt this is the place but they dont have the card I want so i need to go with a differnt card today
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    19 wide screen lcd

    how do I get the thing off wide screen mode manual is no where to be found? Samsung, 941BW BK
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    create my new busness card get 65-100 bucks

    Hey Just open the email from the graphic designer and the idiot did not listen to a word I said. I need to submit this wed morn for the printer. Basically they need to be in a jpeg format and need to have a spot for me to add my name, phone and email at the bottom right and to left of the card...
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    building new computer 1000 budget

    so the time has come and the old system needs replacing, been a while so I have no idea what to buy. Give me some ideas, i mostly do the office stuff, and work on solid works and thats it
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    a good website for you

    wtf are these things?
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    could we have a minimum post cost to post in the for sale section?

    Could we have this feature? Many other sites have it and it stops some of the scammers when they have to spend a while on a site before thay can post crap for sale?
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    my truck is f#$@ed

    well just got into a fender bender and I lost. The dumb shit pulled out infront of me and I slamed into him I have some good pics to post
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    need a pm6 let me know what you have

    like the titel says I need a pm6 unchipped to chip or chipped if it was done by a pro, pm me
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    Canadians are lame!

    God damn I just finished watching to serve and protect, the canuk version of cop and the damn criminals droped their weapon and just stood there with there hand s behind there bach as they got cuffed not one fought back. Fuck the cop said please. Why can we fight the cops like big brother does?
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    hswap newest back from the dead thread

    well my cousin just had hes civic towed to my garage and well rough does not describe the car. rain gutters filled with straight bond, cracking out CHECK door molding filled with straight bondo, cracking out CHECK door handles shaved filler plates glued in, bondo crack CHECK Body kit well the...
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    FF 1.5?

    how do i right click "saveas" ?
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    ok ms sucks

    im using internet explore and now every site has the smallest writting barly visible. I have tried going into view text size and larger, mediem,ect nothing changes as I sellect a new size? anu ideas? and its just this site doing it? and only tonight?
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    nigera scam

    well i got this email 45 RICHARD AVE. INDEPENDENCE LAYOUT, DOBAN-SOUTH AFRICA. Dear Friend, I m Kingsley Zuma, the first son of the dismissed Deputy President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma who currently and shamefully sack by the order of the President Thabo Mbeki for his involvement in...
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    google kicks gb ass

    1) go to 2) type in failure 3) press the I'm feeling lucky button (instead of the google search one) 4) Realize how true this is until they figure it out and change it
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    what should omega2 do?

    well im am right high and can't figure this forest gump looking, bill gates look alike post are about
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    cheap engine mounts from jegs swap mounts are on for 1/2 off
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    time for some scammer fun

    From John Christophe. Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. My name is John Christophe, I got your email while surfing but my desire is to establish cordial relationship with you to enable us actualize the transaction to our mutual benefits. I want...
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    K&N wow

    well me and a buddie smoked a 1/4 and still had the throttle body spacer, and the K&N air intake bolted on the truck. There is a noticable pickup in response and top end power. The k&N ran 300 compared to the cheaper metal version and after pulling the cheaper off I can say that there is a huge...
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    wicked pic from no

    not shure if its a chop or not? My Webpage
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