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  1. skillz2k5

    b18a1 problems

    My womans 92 teg just died the other day. They were driving down the street and just put put... dead. So I go to check it out and it's throwing no codes, fuel pump runs, fuel comes out of the return line off the rail and the ignition coil does spark when a ground wire ran to it. So we have...
  2. skillz2k5

    GSR valve cover/piaa fog lights

    Tried to sell these damn fog lights a few months back... now willing to include used gsr valve cover (not a scratch on it just needs a good cleaning). 60+ shipping... if I can get them in same box you're looking at 70 bucks. Fog lights include switch (illuminated button on switch WOW). So...
  3. skillz2k5

    CNN Reporter gets #$%#'d up!!

    Saw this just now on cnn... thought I'd share... good video. - Couple attacks reporter as camera rolls - Sep 7, 2006 EDIT: FOX news reporter I guess.. either way kinda funny... kinda sucks (for him).
  4. skillz2k5

    I need help getting a hold of someone

    Okay I need some help getting in touch with someone and have exhausted my resources at this point. I dated this girl like 2 years ago (she lived in a city about 35 miles from me at the time) and she was totally fucking awesome and I totally fucking blew it like 90% of the rest of the men in...
  5. skillz2k5

    What do you do for a living?

    Just wondering what some of you actually do for a living... I dont mean in your spare time (flipping parts and cars doesnt count unless it's ALL you do) I mean what puts food on your table and a roof over your head. I build semi truck trailers (mostly flat bed).
  6. skillz2k5

    Fair "honda market" value?

    I was wondering what some of you guys would think was a fair price for a 96 civic ex coupe with the following mods. B16A SiR II OBD I Conversion chipped ecu (For those who dont know... p28 with chipped Crome Pro and data port) USDM EG seats Skunk 2 pro series full coilovers Skunk...
  7. skillz2k5


    I have for sale a pm6. Will post pics sooner or later... asking 60 shipped obo.
  8. skillz2k5

    Civic tweeter pod question

    I have a co-worker that just purchased my old 4 channel amp and all of my aftermarket components from me. I have a 96 2 door ex and he has a 2000 4 door ex. I have factory tweeter pods and he does not... odd to me but whatever. Will the 99-00 ex tweeter pod "mount" from a 2 door be compatible...
  9. skillz2k5

    F/S B Series Axels

    I have for sale a brand new set of b series axels, boxes are open but never installed. Came with a b16a swap and upgradded to aftermarket and have no use for them. No pics as of right now cause the woman has the digi cam but if serious about buying I will get you pics. Looking to get 90 +...
  10. skillz2k5

    Power windows

    I have a 96 ex... and my power windows stopped working @#$@$!!! Any how let me give some back ground on it before I ask... It all started when I reluctantly took my car to a shop to have a clutch replaced... ever since then my cruise control doesnt work (not a vaccum problem) and my power...
  11. skillz2k5

    So I had an idea today...

    In between touching my self and messing with my civic I was sitting here picking my nose and I had a thought. A chat room for registered hs users... maybe a good idea maybe a bad idea just wondering what everyone else may think of it.
  12. skillz2k5

    A little too close for porn?

    Saw this on a local forum thought I would share! I found it pretty funny... A LITTLE TOO CLOSE video on Hot Female
  13. skillz2k5

    Had to do it...

    I know we've all seen it done before but here's another one... my son (right) and his cousin (left) in our stripped ass 90 teg.
  14. skillz2k5

    Compression Test

    So I went and got the gauge set from orielly's today and checked my compression. I did it three ways because I was getting funky readings the first two times. The first time I checked it was with all the plugs in except the cylinder I was checking compression on (obviously) and with the fi/em...
  15. skillz2k5

    WTB 5th gen hatch

    I am in the market for a 5th gen hatch. I do have some very minor preferances about the car. I would like manual windows, fairly clean straight body, no cracks in windshield, full interior (missing back seat is negotiable). The motor does NOT have to be in good shape at all. I basically just...
  16. skillz2k5

    Looking for LS short block

    I am looking for a short block for the start of the wife's ls vtec build. I would like it to be as complete as possible... (no pistons, water pump, oil pump = okay with me) I really just want the block, crank (in good shape), the rods and main caps ect. However I will also entertain offers...
  17. skillz2k5

    94 accord m/t pedal assy.

    We are preparing to swap an h22a into my neighbors 94 accord but we got the shell as an auto (lord help him). I need a m/t pedal assembly out of that gen of accord.
  18. skillz2k5

    b16 turbo question

    I have a b16 SiR II in my 96 civic right now with usual bolt on's (i/h/e) and want to turbo. My main question is what is safe for a bone stock b16 bottom and top end... not just how many psi but what turbo housing/wheel would be best. I do not plan to do anything at all to the bottom end in...
  19. skillz2k5


    I have up for sale a set of rota slip stream 15's. I only want 250 plus shipping with tires included... two of the tires are in good shape and the other two will need replaced within a month or so if daily driven. The reason I am selling these rims so cheap is that I got in a wreck about 2...
  20. skillz2k5


    Okay I'm not going to mess with this anymore... I have a VIRGIN p28 for 90 shipped. I will not go any lower, 90 is a great price. I accept paypal/money orders. EDIT:p28 has been messed with but still runs p28 specs...
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