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    C0300 diagnostic code help

    You may want to check out this article as well:
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    2014 Veloster Turbo

    So what's your next plan for this ride?
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    Sold the Bronco .. Bought a Excursion

    The progress of this build looks amazing. The interior is so clean.
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    1983 Honda Civic 1.3 L 1300 Automatic

    Have you found one? Try to check the classified ads all over the internet. And why do you want a classic ride?
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    1988 CRX SI BUILD

    It seems like you are up for the challenge. The look is not that bad, to be honest, but since it is a classic car I am sure that it will take you some time to restore it.
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    CIVIC DX 2000 b20

    I agree you need to rely on the diagram and manual for an accurate answer. You can check some videos on YT as well for more information.
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    2004 Mini Cooper

    I don't know why, but I find a Mini Cooper cute. I like the choice of modular patterns for its wheels.
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    CVCC accord: rebuild or swap?

    How did it go? Is it a successful build?
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    2023 integra

    Why would you say that? Maybe it will be worth the wait.
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    Drag slicks

    Which drag slicks did he end up buying for his Honda?
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    Project Greenrio

    The bronze wheels made this classic car, look even better. The model is quite similar to American Racing wheels AR201. You did a job well done modifying it.
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    My 79 1200

    The progress looks nice, it seems like you are having so much fun with this build.
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    L-Civic ('91 Civic DX Sedan)

    You should try to message him since it's been months since the last update of this build.
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    bought another Ford

    A sedan, care to share a photo of this car?
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    GRILLED MEAT or some other stuff if that's what your into

    Now, I'm craving some Philly cheesesteak again.
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    Headlight Assembly

    Have you tried to check the classified ads all over the internet?
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    Coming Soon to an RSX in My Driveway...

    Great parts that you have here. Have you managed to install the lights?
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    2000 buell blast

    It looks nice, your hard work for your Buell has paid off.
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    CVCC accord: rebuild or swap?

    What's your decision for the project? Are you going to rebuild or swap it?
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