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    h22 to f22 non vtec?

    My friend has a 92 prelude with the single cam non vtec manual in it, and this guy owes him $$ and said he would trade motors for the $$. He has a 92 prelude with a h22a4 in it and a automatic in it. My question for him is would it be worth trading? And what would the swaps involve? If he does...
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    b16 missing

    I got my b16 running in my crx and now it kind of misses at part throttle but fixes at full throttle. I have new plugs bosch platinum+2. New cap/rotor, running 91 octane, 2" open exhaust right past shifter. What is it like when detonation happens? Would the bosch plugs affect the b16 since...
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    Would it be better to get an aftermarket LSD rather than finding a stock honda LSD like a type R? For a b16 S1 transmission
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    which intake??

    I have a b16 in my crx and I need to know what car to get an intake for? And what would be the best all motor intake? Would I order one for a crx si or would the diameter be too small?
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    steering wheel

    How do I straighten out my steering wheel? It is turned about 5 inches when my wheels are straight.
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    Code 4???

    I sent my dist. back to hmotors and they said nothing was wrong but they are sending me a new one back. I rechecked my wiring and everything seems right C1-blue/grn and C2- blue/yel running to corresponding colors on dist, is this right? B10 org. B12 wh/red is this right? Will only the crank...
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    b16a pr3 distributor

    Does anyone know where I can get a new one of these? I seen them somewhere for like 209.00 brand new. Anybody know a site for them?
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    code 4

    I did a b16 swap in my crx dx and followed the wiring diagram of somebody on here, the problem is the car starts but wont rev past 3k and barely revs when I give it gas. If I let off the gas the car will die. The ecu is throwing a code 4. Is there anything I could have forgot to do to cause my...
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    code 15

    How do I fix a code 15 for a b16a PR3 in a crx dx?
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    I have a 89 b16a sir1 that I am going to put in my 90 crx. I need to know what the exact names for the trans seals the one where the axle goes into the tranny and the one that goes where the axle goes in the intermediate shaft. The round rubber seals,need to know so I can order replacements...
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    b16 crx turbo kit?

    I saw in a magazine that theres a turbo kit for a crx with a b16 swap, I cant find the magazine. Does anyone know what turbo kit that is and who makes it?
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    wiring diagram???

    Im new here and I know what everyone is going to say " DO A SEARCH" but Ive looked all over and all I can find is wiring problems. I need to know if theres a link to a complete wiring diagram to convert dpfi to pgmfi. Ive seen them before but I cant find them. I have a 90 hatch dx and I have a...
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