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    D16y5 tuning opotions and suggestions greenville nc

    i have a 97 civic hx with a mild turbo set up. I am running 7psi and it runs good just want to be safe and get it tuned..if anyone has suggestions on where to get my set up tuned please help...and its obd2...i have stuff to swapp odb1 but dont want to if i cant find someone to tune it thanks for...
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    WTB b16 peformance parts

    i am looking for almost any peformance parts for a b16 cams, pistons, valves, arp kits, head gaskets, oil pans, intake manifolds, really just anything clutch flywheele or whatever thanks
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    b16a2 swap into 97 civic hx

    I am in the process of getting the parts together for a b16 swap into my civic....i have b16a2 complete motor, axles, mounts, wiring harness, obd1 conversion harness, and ecu....have trans also. I was wondering if anyone has done this swapp and can show some light on this swap. I am going to be...
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