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    89 Dohc rtawd, martinsburg, WV

    I got a 89 rtawd w/ manual trans. 35k d16a8 dohc sw9ap from importer, i put 10 miles on it. Fuse box wire tuck (under dash) Engine bay was repainted satin black and it look great. 91 civic si Manual rack swap Blox polished rear lower control arms lowering coil sleeves upper polished tie bars...
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    FS: Dohc zc trans, dizzys, parts etc / WV

    Dohc zc jdm cable trans 5 speed. $150 Dohc zc half shaft $60 d16a6 dizzy $40 15x7" 4x100 steel polished wheels unknown brand. $100 D series turbo mani, Its a hf, shop welded a external 38mm wastegate flange on top, t3/t4 Flange. Was done right looks good works well, $50 Inwood/wv If you need...
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    FS: CX manual trans, b16 dizzy obd0/ mburg, wv

    CX trans 130k flawless. 5 spd. $100 martinsburg, wv B16 dizzy obd0 with cap and rotor $45 will trade for paintball equipment, musical or anything of value just lmk. 8484805181 text or call anytime literly -Jeff
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    FS: EG SKUNK2 suspension, Blox LCA's, exhaust!!!

    Off my 93 coupe 5k on it DD, like new skunk2 shocks and springs also have blox control arms $300 + your stock Blox control arms with bushings black in color $50 + ur stock location martinsburg, wv SRS angled catback 2 1/4" like new $100 + your stock
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    FS: 93 coupe, clean w/ skunk2 suspension etc..

    1. dont tell me you dont like the price, i dont care, dont post if you disagree 2. dont low ball me, its retarded and gets us nowhere 3. call me- 304-886-4628 Jeff 4. This isnt a race car...allthough it handles corners well and im not gonna tell you this car will do mid 14's, its slow and gets...
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    FS: Two pm6 mpfi obd0 SI ecu's

    stock mint i have two $60 shipped ea
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    FS: 94 civic lx 4 door 5 speed in MD/WV/VA

    I got a clean title 94 civic 5 speed 4 door. Has 155k and full maintnance records, Completely stock excapt has a alpine 6 disk cd changer/player and a stock head unit. Has a tiny tiny bit of surface rust on the drivers side qP. Very minor, just a bubble the size of maybe a dime if that. Tires...
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    obd0 b18c crx, IAB QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!$&%#@$&%%

    Im dropin a b18c in my rex today, still doin some petty wiring and what not im running a pr3 ecu obd0, i know i cant use the IAB's.. so what do i do about them.. ive heard they will stay open and ive heard they will stay closed w/o them being hooked up and ive heard to prop them open or...
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    Racing chip 65+ hp and 65+ tq increase gaurnteed!!

    BWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA eBay Motors: PERFORMANCE CHIP HONDA CRX 1988-1991 1990 1989 NEW GAS (item 230228066063 end time Mar-08-08 11:04:30 PST) Check that damn ebay scam out lmfao!!!!
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    FS: B and D parts, turbo stuff etc etc...

    b16a1 obd0 intake mani $40 shipped b16a1 throttlebody $35 shipped b16a1 stock header obd0 with both o2's, make offer b16a1 JDM mugen pr3 obd0 ecu, $120 d16a6 MPFI intake mani complete $40 shipped DSM 1g BOV with flange $35 shipped FMIC of stock mazda $30 shipped autometer air/fuel gauge...
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    FS: P28 ecu $80shipped z6/y8 MSD wires

    -i got a auto p28 can easily be converted to manual will still run a manual car fine will just idle high. $80shipped -Black MSD 8.5 mm spark plug wires like new for a d16z6 or d16y8 or sohc vtec d series $30 shipped go for $80-100 new..
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    FS/FT 88 Celica all-trac TURBO gt4 st165

    FS/FT88 st165 Toyota Celica All-trac TURBO GT-4 w/ 3sgte JDM motor
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    WTB: b16a1 or b18a1

    Looking for a b16 or b18 i dont need a trans or ecu .. just a long block, no redic prices i can get a jdm b16a1 for $750 with papers w/o trans just seeing if anyone has one cheaper with a bit more miles.. I have a h2b swap for a EF.... not sure if im parting with it yet or im just gonna run the...
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    pr3 obd0 b16 jdm ecu, Apexi vafcII, gsr wireharness etc

    pr3 obd0 jdm b16 ecu w/ mugen map.. vtec at 4400 $120 shipped Apexi vafcII $175 shipped Obd1 gsr engine wireharness $100 shipped d16y8 intake mani no tb $50 shipped MPFI 91 si Intake mani $60 shipped with TB $40 w/o TB BUY MY Stuff!!!! I NEED MONEY ASAP!!!
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