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    Zc Tranny Problems.

    Hey guys I was wondering how long an HF tranny will last in my ZC? I know I need a Si tranny but I am having trouble finding one. I might have to use either the DX sedan tranny or a 88-89 Integra tranny. Which should I get and or if you can help me find a SI tranny. Thanks guys.
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    Hf To Zc Wiring And Help With Questions.

    Okay I have a 90' HF CRX. I just bought a motor from Hmotorsonline stuffed it in as I thought it was the right wiring and it wasn't. Now for some reason my car doesn't have fire to the plugs or anything. Question #1 Is the HF the EXACT same to wire up as the CRX Si? #2 What can I check besides...
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    Okay I'm Now A Little Pissed I Need Some Info!

    Okay here on this site there was an aritcle about a HF head swap to a 16v head swap. Okay while the site was down I ventured over to and they said that the head swap wouldn't work! That the HF piston's don't have the valve recesses for 16 valves. That if I did swap heads that I...
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    Rear Disc Brake Conversion For 90' Crx Hf

    Where can I get the rear disc brake conversion? Like what other car can I get these from? I really want to do this conversion.
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    I Need Some Help On This Question.

    I was wodering I have a guy who is helping me do the "HF all-motor monster" stuff. He has the SI intake manifold, and SI ECU. But the ECU is I think he said from an automatic. Will this matter? We still have to find the SI distributor and I really don't want the tranny though. I like the gear...
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    My Wife Is Pregnant And We Switched Cars!

    This past weekend I spent the entire time swapping stuff from my car to my new car. A 90' CRX HF! I love the gears but I hate the power difference it sucks! But anyways I now have a better platform to work with as far as the truity of being a race car!
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    I Need A 16v Head

    I have a HF CRX and I would like to do the 16 valve headswap that was reffered to on this site. I don't even care what kind of head it is as long as it's a 16 valve. I DO need it to be in good condition though. I can't spend any more than 150 dollars including shipping. I'm sorry but I don't...
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    Who Has Seen The "350z Shock"?

    I watched it the other day and it was awesome! They totally break down the car in like every aspect. Like there is stuff that I didn't know about the car like for instance the rear strut tie bar is actually a part if the frame! It is very hard to take this off! They had a race against the S2000...
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    Question About Multi-port Fi!

    I own an 89' Civic DX with the D15B2 in it. I am getting this guy to show and convert my car to multi-port fuel injection this weekend. He lacks the CRX Si distributor. Everything else he has. I was wondering I just got fro my brother a D15B7 ECU will it work with the Si intake intake-manifold...
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    D15 Or D16 For 300 Or Less.

    Alright I need a D15B7,D15B5, D16Z6 or D16Y8 for 300 or less. The B8 doesn't have enought HP for me and I really would prefer not to buy another D15B2. Because for me to get the HP I need I will have to convert it to Multi-Port FI. And unless you have the parts to help me convert it I would...
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    I Desperately Need Another D15 For Real Cheap!

    I would love to have a D15b5 (sohc vtec) but I really would take a D15B7 or a D15B2. Preferebly with lower miles and really cheap! I don't have alot of money and if in the southern states area I will come pick it up from you or whoever. Mine is smoking really bad and is using oil badly. It's...
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    what kind of cold air do I buy after I swap to ZC?

    I was thinking about what model cold-air do I buy? A guy told me to buy a 90' Civic Si cold-air? My car is a DX sedan and I will have the motor swapped in like a couple of weeks so I need to know the following stuff. 1. Where can I get a light-weight flywheel for a ZC? 2. What kind of gaskets...
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    I want a D16Y8 or Z6 for real cheap who can help?

    I have like 400 dollars and with this I need the motor, tranny ECU and harness shipped to my door for not much more. I really am about to have to grab a motor quick mines starting to puke black smoke! I want VTEC in some way shape form or fashion! Please somebody help!
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    what do I need for my swap?

    Aight I found a B16A SiR II for pretty cheap. What do I need to swap this in my car. If you don't know what I own it's 89' Civivc Dx 4-door. I need to know pretty close down to the penny if you can. I know I need the tranny that's not the problwm, like what kind of axles, ECU stuff how much the...
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    What would I need for a B16A swap in an 89' civic?

    I was wondering, I have a buddy (blackteg) has a B16A from his brothers car in his shop and I was thinking about dropping it into my car. I have a 89' Civic Dx 4-door. I really want a cheap swap and I would rather have a B16 than a ZC. Can any of you tell me what I would need for the swap into...
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