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    Ls/turbo Or Ls/vtec

    I have decided to do one of these swaps for my next civic, I want to know which one would be better. Its going to be a daily driver and i would like to be running mid to high 13's I am leaning more towards the ls/turbo. Any help would be awesome thanks for all of your help. For the turbo setup...
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    D15b7 Piston And Rod Help

    I have a 92 DX hb and i am doing a mini-me setup i ahve a d15b7 motor. I can't turn back know because I have all of my main parts. I need to know what would be the best piston, rod, ring, setup for this considering the compression would be about 10.5:1 and I'm not going to be boring the block...
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    All wheel drive civic

    cant you put the 4gen awd setup on the 4gen lx
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    I was reading on a website that for me to swap a d16z6 into my 92 hb dx, that all I have to do is get the complete motor, ecu, and trans and it will just bolt up to my stock motor mounts and all of my other stock parts and excessories. Is this true, please let me know. Also I was thinking...
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    some final questions.... mini me

    what about the vtec connections on a d15b7/d16z6 mini-me
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    What do I need for the d16z6 swap in my 92 hb dx. Do I need to replace motor mounts, drive axles, shift linkage what do I all need. I was going to do a mini-me swap, but i think that i would be better off just swaping in the d16z6. Any help would be awesome thanks alot.
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    What is the best d series piston and rod that I can put into my d15b7. I am building it up for a mini-me, i'm trying to push around 250bhp. I also need to know if i can put a d16z6 crankshaft into my d15b7 block. I am probably going to go with 1st gen integra rods and pistons if they are in...
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