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    correct tap size for b20b head bolts?

    anybody know offhand what the thread size is for head bolts on a b20b block? i need to clean up the threads on one of the holes just need to verify the size...
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    99 Crvtec turbo build

    Im doing a B20v turbo on a 99 crv, plan to have it tuned with hondata by the guys at Jack Daniels Racing. Parts aquired so far: b16a2 head and intake manifold 450cc rebuilt injectors turbonetics T-15834 turbo turbonetics wastegate (4lb spring i think, likely getting changed later before i...
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    Broken head stud removal

    When bolting my b16a2 head onto my b20b block, I stupidly forgot to get vtec head studs, so needless to say the first bolt to get tightened broke. Feel free to mock. Anyways, I thought Id share how I went about extracting the broken stud. I was going to use a transfer punch to start my hole...
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