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    AT to MT, do I need MT ECU?

    2000 Accord VTEC -- I swapped the ECU from MT car and the old key definitely won't work with new ECU, since they have to have same code. Some other threads have recommended pulling immobilizer chip out of ECU...??? Here is my real question, do I need to use MT ECU, or can I use the AT ECU with...
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    Immobilizer -- where is it, 2000 Accord

    did AT to MT Swap, no start due to ECU swap... understand I need to pull immobilizer... how/where? card in ECU? TKS
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    How do I verify H22 tranny (new to Hondas!)

    never worked on hondas before AT died... got a good deal on H22 tranny from prelude, supposed to work on 2000 Accord.. where is part no on tranny? there are no stickers. is there a cross-ref chart here for engine/transmission part no? Flame away--new to this place and Hondas... I did scan...
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