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  1. acura1

    automatic to manual

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what would be involved in changing a automatic da integra to a manual, i have a jdm b16a cable five speed motor and tranny, i have ecu shift linkage,tranny mount and pedals what else would i need?
  2. acura1

    wtb yamaha motorcycle jacket

    If any one has one send me some pics and if u like it ill get it, i think i need a m,or large,but nothing bigger im kinda of small, also willing to trade 2 digital audio twevels in a box for a jacket or ill sell them for a 100$ thanks
  3. acura1

    d15 vtec fs/ft for b series tranny

    like the title says i have a d15 vtec ,wanting to trade for a b series manual tranny, will have pics up later.
  4. acura1

    wtb p30 ecu or chipped p28

    If any one has a jdm obd1 b16a ecu,or a chipped p28 let me know i need asap.perferably a jdm b16a ecu thanks.
  5. acura1

    cable clutch in 1994 civic

    Im wondering if it is possible to put a cable tranny in my 1995 eg hatch, iv got an obd1 b16a , iv got an ls cable tranny just wondering if that would work.
  6. acura1

    b20vtec for sale

    850 kittrell nc , pick up only
  7. acura1

    wrecked b20 vtec teg for sale

    ,sold sold sold.
  8. acura1

    wtb rims for my eg

    Im looking to get some si, gsr, somthing like that for my hatch, if anyone has any for sale let me know.:D
  9. acura1

    wtb spoiler

    Im looking for 1992-1995 civic hatchback wrap around spoiler, and somthing like a duckbill .
  10. acura1

    wtb somthing i can put my b20 vtec in.

    :confused::confused:I had my b20 vtec in my 1990 teg, until some dumb woman in a mini van decided to hit me in the rear, and total my car so i need something to put it in, not trying to spend over 2000.
  11. acura1


    iv got a sunroof for 1990-1993 teg, two doors, and a dash let me know if yall want it, cause i dont need it.
  12. acura1

    wtb 17or 18 inch rims

    for my 94 gsr dont want to spend over 300.
  13. acura1

    code reader

    does anyone have obd1 code reader need one badly.
  14. acura1

    1990 acura integra/ b20vtec f/s

    I got a 1990 teg for sale, asking 2000 , it has stage 3 clutch,8pd flywheel,short shifter,magniflow exsaust, aem cam gears , cold air intake, gsr wheels, lowerd,monster tach, the only problem is i cant get it to rev past 2500 rpms i am located in nc, forgot to mention its a b16a head with a...
  15. acura1

    wtb type r intake mani

    i need a type r intake mani perferable 1998.
  16. acura1

    b18c5 intake mani

    looking for a 98 type r intake mani, ready to bolt up and go.
  17. acura1

    wtb b16a intake mani,or throttle body

    If any body has a b16a throttle body let me know a price, i would like to have one ready to bolt up sensors and all thanks. or a whole manifold.
  18. acura1

    wtb an eagle talon

    looking for turbo or none turbo eagle talon, or a laser let me know
  19. acura1

    wtb/ chipped obd1 ecu

    i would like to buy a chipped and base maped ecu for b series perferable one that a b20 vtec would agree with so let me know
  20. acura1

    wont go past 2000 please

    can anybody tell me why my car will not rev past 2000 it did it on obdo so i channged to obd1 i have a b20 vtec im just sick of this thing i changed fuel filter, iacv,tps,sparkplugs,plug wires new dizzy,fuel pump is cutting on just dont know please help
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