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    Times Like This

    if this isnt bad enough, i have seen 3 kia spectras in my area with mufflers and rimms. One even with a wannabee kit. Oh and lets not forget the infamious 92 integra parked in a safeway parking lot with a "GTR" badge spack in the middle of the hood. Why? WHy????? :angry:
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    Times Like This

    well the exterrior isn't any better.....lets just say the words, big wing, and stickers appear a number of times!
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    Times Like This

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhh pics explains itself
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    Cool Stuff

    yeah i normally use kazaa but never had i seen that mr2 video, that was funny shit!
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    Link Says Enough........

    where did this guy see that is was cool to put mustang hoods on integra's?
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    Pissed Off

    it would have been cool if you caught them doing it!
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    Cool Stuff

    anyone got anymore funny or cool clips like that mr2 hitting the jetta, that was great but is there anything else???
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    Hot.... Or, Not?!?!?

    i think the only thing sadder than the car, is the person who buys it,
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    Bad Ass Sign/photo

    that is def. funny
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    New Pic Of The Day

    ha, haha, haha
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    You Might Be A Ricer If......

    you forgot a very important part of ricers, THEIR NEONS!!!!
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    Worst Valentines Day Ever...

    that sucks, but there could be one good thing about it....she should realize what hapened and feel really bad about it, therefore try and make it up to you....hopefully in sexual favors, in your case!!
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    Some Eye Candy!

    i live on subase in Washington state...... small town not very rich people. Just on the base there are 5 including a ride side drive honda integra type R staright from japan, that one of the sailors brought back with him when he went over that you dont see everyday
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    Be Safe, It Could Happen To You!

    also with things going the way they are now in our country with terrorist threats abd everything, guns laws are about to go out the door and not exist
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    Be Safe, It Could Happen To You!

    i bet your thinking the same thing as me, dont you wish you could have got out there fast enough to get a nice clean shot off to his face??
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    V8 Civic

    what is the story behind the mugen v8? i have never seen it before??? or is it just creative photo shop? :huh:
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    Nice Hatch!

    i did nothing but cry the whole time i looked at it
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    Is It Worth It

    i found the h22 for 2500 at the gsr was like 43 or somethin. thanks i will look
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    to properly launch by dumping you do need slicks or 18's. Sit in an empty parking lot and just practice in all differents ways to see what your car does best at. Expirement for yourself with riding the clutch, feather the gas whatever.
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    Is It Worth It

    i found the motor itself for $2500 includes mounts, shift linkage, ecu, tranny, clutch, everything,. I am just wondering if by doing the swap myself will it be difficult to do?? Do i need to push the firewall back and what other mods may i have to do the the engine bay?
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