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  1. boostin4fun

    SRP pistons, RC injectors, Ferrea valves

    First thing up for sale is a set of SRP forged pistons pn#149236. These pistons have 3600 miles on them due to a sleeve cracking on my block. The set comes with three used pistons and one new one. I bought a new one because I didnt want to reuse the piston on the cracked sleeve. The used pistons...
  2. boostin4fun

    Ls/vtec turbo build in 92 DA

    I am finishing up my friend's DA integra here pretty soon. The motor is fully built with forged internals similar to my setup in the civic si build. I will post up more pics of the engine install later on.
  3. boostin4fun

    For sale, new turbonetics t3/t40E turbo .63 ar 60 Trim

    Hi, I have for sale a brand new turbonetics t3/t40E turbo. The specs on the turbo are .63 ar hotside, 60 trim for compressor. Also the turbo has the polished compressor housing as well as a ceramic coated exhaust side, nice! I have received this turbo as partial payment for some work I have done...
  4. boostin4fun

    Skunk2 Stage2 Cams B Series DOHC VTEC

    Hi I have for sale a set of skunk2 stage 2 camshafts for all B series DOHC VTEC engines. These are not the pro2 cams they are the original stage2 cams from skunk2. These have never been run but have been installed in a project engine. The engine these were installed in is the one in the all...
  5. boostin4fun

    RC Engineering 650cc Saturated Injectors Used

    Just like the title says. I have four 650cc saturated injectors with only 1,300 miles on them. After I turned the boost up and upgraded my exhaust I outgrew these injectors. Duty cycle was going to high for me so I upgraded to 750s. I will take $175 for them shipped to the 48 states. These...
  6. boostin4fun

    Which slave cylinder for clearance?

    I am in the process of making a new 3 inch downpipe for my 2000 civic si. I have heard of people using the accord slave cylinder so you have more clearance for the downpipe. The one on there now angles the bleeder nipple right in the way. I have searched everywhere but cannot find out which one...
  7. boostin4fun

    The boosted ls/vtec build is finished!

    Engine: b18b1 block bored .10 over and decked LS crankshaft micropolished and balanced Eagle ESP H beams SRP 8.9 compression pistons with b16 head Moroso 5.5 quart pan with pickup All new type r oil and water pumps CTR N1 crank pully ARP headstuds Endyn b series breather kit All new factory...
  8. boostin4fun

    Where to find pistons and rods?

    Hi everyone, my friend wants me to build his 91 prelude si with the b21a1. My question is does anyone make aftermarket pistons and rods for this engine? I didnt want to custom order anything for it. I was hearing about h23 rods working but I have no idea if that is true. I have not built any of...
  9. boostin4fun

    For Sale complete d16z6 engine

    Hello I have for sale a d16z6 out of a 1995 honda civic ex. It was out of a automatic. The engine is complete minus the fan switch, purge valve, alternator, distributor, and engine harness. This engine came out of a car I purchased that had a blown headgasket. The engine will at least need a new...
  10. boostin4fun

    Bad little allmotor Ls/Vtec build!!

    Well this has been a little on going project that im doing for a friend. I thought what the hell I havent showed the rest of the world my work!! So I thought I would start this thread and add to it as this project comes to a end in the next 5 to 6 weeks. But this is where the project stands of...
  11. boostin4fun

    Speedometer question

    Im in the process of swapping a ls/vtec into a 88 crx dx. Im using a newer b16 hydrolic transmission out of a 2000 si. I was wondering what to do for the speedometer cable. The hydrolic transmission uses a electronic VSS. What parts do i need to fix this. I will be converting this to mpfi and...
  12. boostin4fun

    Converting from obd2 to obd1 injector plugs

    Hi, im in the process of converting my 2000 civic over to obd1 plugs so i can use my rc injectors. I was wondering if this was as easy as hooking up the stripped wires together and the solid wires together, or is this backwards? When i look at the two different plugs from the front, side by side...
  13. boostin4fun

    wtb gsr block or shortblock.

    Hey everyone, im looking for a gsr block or shortblock that is at stock bore size with no damage. I would prefer a shortblock complete to the oil pan in good condition. Please respond if you have one or know someone who does. Thanks.
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