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    B16a ? To B20

    My engine B16a with 1000 miles,I took it apart just 1 day ago 1st because i had check compression after 1000 miles and it read 150 across with std CTR pistons and OEM head gasket no resurface on the head,a couple days later my friends and I hear this noise coming fro my engine they say it sound...
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    Fiberglass Headlights

    I have 2 brand new 96 civic projector headlights black very nice,Only thing i have a 90 Civic HB and i really want to either try to put those on OR what i want to do MAKE FIBERGLASS mold of the original 90 civic headlight and use the projectors fro the 96 headlight.....HERE MY ???? Where can i...
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    Funny Smell From Engine

    It's that shitty smell below your lips LOL.Boink
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    B16a 1st Gen Vtec Power Loss

    I have my baby16A first gen and i installed a black neon light hehehe for a VTEC indicator my VTEC kicks in at about 4700 rpm, the light comes on i hear the vtec loud but the where my PROBLEM begins i lose all my power the vtec push is not their it just seem to die down still running but with...
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    No Power

    I put in my B16A first gen into 90 civic si hb it has CTR piston with rings and skunk 2,s springs and retainers for now,Everything is almost good execpt for these problems:first my distributor cap is move all the way forward to make the idle come down to 1,000 RPM and goes up to 1,500 once its...
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    B16a First Gen

    I have this vacuum hose prob from the fuel regulator and the rest of the were do all of them go onto this B16A first gen swap into 90 CIVIC SI HB. 2nd ????? How do i set my timming it has 4 lines on crank pulley 3 together and 1 thats alone and its white from the 3 that are together the middle...
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    Getting No Spark

    i have installed the B16A first Gen into my 90 civic HB and its stupid it wont start it cranks but thats it i checked fuel pressure ok timming ok ground wires ok distributor power ok but no spark maybe wht do u think guys ICM or COIL
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    What Front Motor Mount

    i swaped this B16a into 90 civic but the front mount wont fit,tranny sits to the side alittle to the side what mount would i use and is it nessesary i got 3 hasport mount in it 2side and the back one (((((( 1 more ? my speedo cable seems a tad bit short wich one can i use forthis cable tranny...
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    Frozen B16a Jdm Tranny

    I dont know what happened with this swap, man im tired dint do nothing right its a b16a first gen into 90 civic hb i bought a street/heavy duty pressure plate ACT clutch for a 90 to 91 intergra its a cable clutch and i installed it i did the swap already but its the axles are FROZEN its not...
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    Msd On 90 Civic Hb

    I need some info on what exactly i need to install MSD ignition controller and how to install it in a 90 Civic hb with a JDM B16A first Gen i went out to buy some stuff the they sold me a 90-91 civic/crx/integra MSD distributor Pro Cap and MSD spark plug wires a blaster coil #3 now they say...
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    I Wonder ?

    PLease i need help on what exactly i need to install msd igniton control onto a 90 Civic HB with a JDM B16A first gen i got the MSD Wires and a 90-91 civic/crx/integra MSD Pro distributor cap they also sold me a Blaster 3 coil now they say i need a ignition control MSD 6AL...
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