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    Need help finding old pictures...

    Does anyone have the pictures of the Grey CRX that had the 1997 & + 240SX Headlights?? thanks for the help..
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    help looking for pictures...

    HI, i'm looking for pictures of the CRX that had the 240SX headlight modification. the car was painted silver. i can't find nothing on google. Thanks for you help.
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    Mama told you to keep your head inside the car... owned by a car... :D
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    Ocean Twelve Movie question...?

    I tried to google this up, but found nothing. Anyone knows which model of phones they have in Ocean Twelve movie?? Thanks
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    Searching for a vidz that was on here...

    I did a search and couldn't find nothing. I'm searching for a video of Street Climbing by David Belle that was posted a here a time ago, anybody has that vid ?? If yes, could you direct me to a link so i can download it. i wanna show it to one of my friends. Thanks!
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    General question, off topic...

    Does this stuff work ? Because the guy, has 900+ auctions and at about 3$ the auction it's pretty alot of money for not selling one, or for stuff that doesn't work? there must be atleast some one, out there that tryed it? Or know's...
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    Prelude 97 Knock sensor..??

    Anyone knows the part number of a Prelude 97 Knock sensor? or where i could find the price? I've look around on google, and didn't any good result. Is there any aftermarket knock sensor? for better performance? Thanks.
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    How-to sell on ebay...

    This is how to make people buy your stuff on ebay...
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    Help!!!!!!! Car won't hold idle...

    Hi, i have a little car doesn't start well, i have to give him gaz to start it. when it starts doesn't hold idle, i have to keep giving it gaz so it stay's fired up...?? If i let go of the gaz to let it sit on idle, it just shut down.. anyone could help??
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    STI top speed? Not impressive.

    Hi, A guy at work has a 03 Subaru STi. He did a Top speed check, with is handheld GPS, and he got 236 KM/H (146.64 mph) of top speed. for a 300HP car i think that's not really impressive. And other people have numbers on the STi top speed???
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    Rear wheel bearing

    Hi, I'm about to change my rear wheel bearings, i would like to know if any special tools is need to do thise? Example: torque rench,..etc..?? Thanks for the info.
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    Drag Prelude...WOW! 56K beware.

    engin/drivetrain -Crower Rods -JE custom pistons/rings -darton sleeves -portflow compétition cylinder head -ferrea dual valves spring -ferrea titanium retainers & keepers -act custom clutch setup -fidanza aluminium flywheel -Prodrive 4340 spool -drive shaft shop stage 4 axles -unorthodox cam...
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    I would be a bus driver...

    Is this a :repost: sorry!
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    Honda Bike Question?

    Why Honda bikes don't have VTEC?
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    Painting valve cover

    Ok, i've done a search and can't find anything on how to paint my valve cover. anyone has a "how-to" or a "article" on how to paint the valve cover, what do you need (*beside paint!!*), and what to do, and what to not do? thanks.
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    What is that? Ever seen this setup?

    What is that? Is that a intercooler..????? If yes, what the fuck does it do there???
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    FS: Progress Springs

    I have for sale, brand new Springs from Progress Springs. Model # 40.1003. They lower 2" Front and Back. There brand new, still in box, i never installed them. I'm asking 145$ + Shipping.
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    Revo Technica? Worth it? or stay away?

    Hi, i wanna know if anyone of you guys every bought some stuff that was made by Revo Technica? If yes, is it worth it? or should i stay away from this compagnie? Thanks alot for your inputs.
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    Blowoff Valve VS Wastegate

    What's the difference between a Blowoff valve and a Wastegate?? And to do a "rally alike" turbo setup, witch of the two to i return into the turbo and not into the atmosphere(outside)?? Is it good to do that?? Or i will just kill the hell out of my turbo??
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    Turbo kit VS Part by Part bought Turbo

    What's the best way? By a Turbo kit, from like Greddy or a compagnie like that, or by a turbo but part by part from different places and compagnie and make a really custom turbo? My goal is to get 250WHP to 300WHP out of my H22, i know i'm probably going to have to do the internal and stuff...
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