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  1. boostin4fun

    First time Engine build.

    It sounds like you invested in all the necessary bottom end parts you need to reach your horsepower goals. As far is the head goes I would just have a valve job done, new seals, resurfacing, and valve guides if it needs it. I just got my head back from endyn for the same work and am very happy...
  2. boostin4fun

    First swap need help on ECU! B16A into a 97 civic coupe obd2?

    You might want to get a p30 ecu or have one of your ecus chipped with a b16 basemap as well.
  3. boostin4fun

    SRP pistons, RC injectors, Ferrea valves

    Bump. Wiling to take offers on any of these parts.
  4. boostin4fun

    SRP pistons, RC injectors, Ferrea valves

    As long as you have obd1 honda injector plugs they are plug and play.
  5. boostin4fun

    b18ls vtec build help needed

    If you need a set of injectors I have some RC 750cc's for sale. I'm trying to get $160 for them shipped. I have a paypal account if your interested let me know.
  6. boostin4fun

    SRP pistons, RC injectors, Ferrea valves

    Last thing up for sale is a treadstone intercooler that is 36 inches end tank to end tank, 10.5 inches tall, and 3.5 inches wide. The inlet and outlet are 3 inches. There is one small dent toward the bottom which can be seen in the picture. I received it this way when I bought it new but didnt...
  7. boostin4fun

    SRP pistons, RC injectors, Ferrea valves

    Next up is a factory b16 intake manifold off a 2000 si. I cleaned up some of the casting in the runners as you can see from the pictures. This manifold will come bare with no sensors or any other parts seen in the pictures. I'm looking for $45 shipped or best offer.
  8. boostin4fun

    SRP pistons, RC injectors, Ferrea valves

    I have a set of RC saturated injectors for sale as well. They are 750cc and are part number SH4-750. These injectors have about 2000 miles on them and were purchased new for $320. Only the injectors are included, I havent pulled them out of the manifold yet. I would like to get $175 shipped for...
  9. boostin4fun

    SRP pistons, RC injectors, Ferrea valves

    Next thing up for sale is a b series vtec Ferrea 5000 series standard size valve set. These valves have 3600 miles on them and are in good condition. I decided to go to an oversized setup with my head so I have no use for these anymore. I just realized that two of the intake valves are missing...
  10. boostin4fun

    SRP pistons, RC injectors, Ferrea valves

    First thing up for sale is a set of SRP forged pistons pn#149236. These pistons have 3600 miles on them due to a sleeve cracking on my block. The set comes with three used pistons and one new one. I bought a new one because I didnt want to reuse the piston on the cracked sleeve. The used pistons...
  11. boostin4fun

    Does anybody know and places that do transmissions?

    This is the best place to go in my opinion. Home
  12. boostin4fun

    Will I make 350? Ls turbo PLEASE HELP

    As far as your power goal I think 350 will be very very easy to achieve with a good tune and any one of the three turbos mentioned with the rest of your setup.
  13. boostin4fun

    Will I make 350? Ls turbo PLEASE HELP

    I would go with sleeves if it were my build just for the piece of mind and the ability to grow in the future. Im not sure what company you were looking at for sleeves? But Benson does the sleeving process with final machine work for around a $1000 through I think with how...
  14. boostin4fun

    GSR EG problems/build PLEASE READ :D can sell you a jdm p72 for $200. I would give them a call. I wouldnt even be running that car hard with the wrong ecu in it. You know it cant being doing anything good for the health of the motor; probably running it lean.
  15. boostin4fun

    Cracked sleeves... Re-sleeve?

    I recently cracked a sleeve on my boosted ls/vtec. Going to have bensons sleeve a block for me here shortly. It costs only $975 through laskey racing with all final machine work included. Its a hell of a deal and worth the piece of mind. I wont build any more forced induction setups on factory...
  16. boostin4fun


    I watch my egt gauge and when it drops down way low I go ahead and kill it. Like everyone else said if you were driving hard it will take longer for this to drop and if not it only takes a minute or so.
  17. boostin4fun

    Damaged front advice

    True story. You never want to steer away from OEM when it comes to a radiator support. Find a straight one in a salvage yard. Drill out the spot welds and tack in the new support. Make sure that your ENTIRE front end lines up before you permanently weld the support in. That means hang your...
  18. boostin4fun

    New Parts and Now Vibration Under Certain Acceleration

    Probably your axles. I replaced both of my with brand new ones when I did my clutch job a while back. I developed a shake under certain rpms like you have roughly between 3000-3500. I replaced wheel bearings and tires with no improvement. I believe in my case it is going to be a sticking inboard...
  19. boostin4fun

    b series wont start .vid inside .

    How else would you explain that kind of drop in compression? Maybe a couple broken rings, ring lands, bent valves, cracked head or block, or head gasket. Either way your going to have to tear into the motor to solve the problem and diagnose it definitively.
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