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  1. J

    Forza Motorsport 4

    do you think it's going to have the top gear test track? if it does i will pee my pants and post pics
  2. J

    NYC auto show vid

    finally got tot he footage I took at the NYC auto show. Props from awesome cuts/pastes. ‪2011 New York International Auto Show‬‏ - YouTube
  3. J

    new wheel trend..

    and i thought flat paint was bad
  4. J

    What I do at work...

    How big is the cardboard box you ship it in?
  5. J

    May the Fourth be with you.

    Happy star wars day. Troops (Star Wars COPS Parody)
  6. J


    I prefer this YouTube - Designer Drugs - Drop Down (Haydn Hoffman Dubstep Remix)
  7. J

    yummy Porsche goodness

    are you paying per letter/number in the name? Nevertheless I want it. Anythign that actually needs two spoilers has to be fast.
  8. J

    Zombie proof house

    who needs light if the zombie apocalypse comes
  9. J

    More New York autoshow videos and pics

    so i won a prize to meet Jerry Springer and then go around before the show opened. here's a quick video of a Spyker, there are more to come but too many to go through the videos just yet. YouTube - New York International Auto Show - Climbing inside a Spyker Here are the photos I took...
  10. J

    Best for turbo: gsr vs. ls

    I'd agree the C1 would be better. Both take to turbo'ing very well though.
  11. J

    NYC Autoshow CR-Z-Hybrid-R

    I went to school for it too! you know what I say? Fix it in post.
  12. J

    NYC Autoshow CR-Z-Hybrid-R

    i prefer it to the production model
  13. J

    NYC Autoshow CR-Z-Hybrid-R

    Lots of hyphens, love that this show was 17 blocks from where I work. YouTube - New York International Auto Show - Honda CR-Z Hybrid R
  14. J

    Yeah Canada and G rap

    reppin' astoria queens right now I am going to continue this video series. My friend made this one.
  15. J

    Yeah Canada and G rap

    not much I do makes sense. I drive a hybrid that get's 38 mpg???? wtf?
  16. J

    Super Bowl Ad *thread*

    YouTube - Y-First Date - Pepsi MAX® -- Superbowl XVL Super Bowl 2011 YouTube The funniest commercial, I think.
  17. J

    Yeah Canada and G rap I was sitting on the couch listening to music and watching tv on mute after eating a brownie last friday. This combo came up and I had to make it for all of the internet to enjoy.
  18. J

    Why woman should not drive

    3:25 is the best, that's an epic fail of epic fails. I don't even know how it's possible.
  19. J

    what's this I found under my hood?

    So i was putting washer fluid in my car today and I saw this little resevoir but i don't know what it is for. As you can see the washer fluid filler is on the other side of the battery. Tell me what you guys think it is.
  20. J

    My lever is stiff

    got the fluid changed today and now everything shifts smoothly and succintly . .. and dare I say sexy.
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