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    B-Series Engine Swap into EK Civic

    Assuming you will be using the same vintage drivetrain as the car here are the Honda part numbers for the 3 main mounts you will require. All mounts from 99-00 Honda Civic SiR (US Si) Note: The transmission mounts are for the 99-00 SiR tranny. If someone could confirm that they would also fit...
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    6th gen Civic Swap Overview

    Basic 6th gen Civic B-series Swap info Assuming you have already purchased an OBD2a (96-98) B-series swap, here's some basics on what else you need to get it in your car. Unless you got a b16a2 from a 99-00 Civic SI, you will need to get 2 mounts from this setup. The rear tranny mount and the...