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    How to build a "reliable" lsvtec/b20vtec

    I put this guide together because I'm tired of seeing the SAME threads over and over of simple questions that can be answered in one simple post like this one. This thread is designed to be an end-all, tell-all type thread. Please keep in mind though, that this is still just a general guide...
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    LS/VTEC and CR/VTEC block crank and head combos

    CrankRodR/S RatioDisplacementDeck Delta B17AB17A1.62001.8048.930 B17AB20B1.68303.800 B17AB20A1.7537-1.950* B17AB20B1.68303.800 B16AB20A1.85391.7070.250 B18CB20A1.63701.9334.850* B18CB20B1.57110.900 B18CB18C1.58140.000 B21AB21A1.49162.1062.150* * denotes interference with head
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    **Things You'll Need for the Setup*** You will need atleast the following... -Head Info You must use a B-series DOHC VTEC head. A Prelude H-series head will NOT work. You can choose a head from the following list by code.... --B16a1: this engine came in the 89-91 civic SiR and the...