1st Gen Integra Swap Questions

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Originally posted by YangpaNemsay@Dec 25 2004, 01:41 PM
How difficult would this swap be?
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i dont understand why you would want to do this swap, the motor that comes stock in those cars makes like the same amount of power as the d16y8
86-87 teg had 113 brown valve cover 88-89 had 118 black valve cover

86-87 has vacuum advanced ignition
88-89 does not

and wtf mang? do you wanna do swaps in every car ever made or what?

lots of fookin pointless redundant questions...

and you;re talking obd2 into obd0
your best bet would be to use z6 electronics and convert the teg to obd1 and use the p28, if thats even possible....

but its a lot of work for basically no gains...

keep the twin cam and boost it or something more practical than doing a ghey sohc vtec swap...
Originally posted by reckedracing@Jan 18 2005, 01:45 PM
you brought this thread back from the dead for that worthless post???
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WTF is your problem? get a life