86 crx si I need parts

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New Member
I just bought a 86 CRX Si and I need the Vacuum advance and the idle air control. both of which are no longer available through honda. any help with this would be great.
do u have the d16a6 motor? or what motor? ive got a iacv here ill sell for $50, works great, came off my stock si manifold...pm me, i can ship it to ya and u can have it before the weekend if you hurrry
I found it localy. thanks though. I have a new question. I am trying to make sure that I have the 1.5 but all I can find says BT1682. I have researched this and I am not coming up with anything. is this a 1.5 or 1.6? I have to do the head gasket this weekend and I want to make sure that I ordered the right thing. what are some of the easy mods on this engine. it already has headers and intake.
Where are you reading this ID #?
Can you post a pic of area?