'99 dist. plug

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eric p

New Member
in the process of swapping a '99 b18b into my '00 civic lx. there is a different number of wires on the civic harness, compared to the integra dist. one has 9 the other has 8 (i dont remember which, car is at a friends so i cant go look now,)
i need info on how to wire it up.
I just spent like 20 mins making a nice pictorial and then I realized, that the extra wire is just for the tachometer, the plug is the same, just plug it in, all of the wires line up to the same places on the 2 different plugs except pin 9 is the blue tack wire that your lx doesn't have and the integra did.
thanks but, the plug is different, and my civic has a stock tach.
i think i have it wired up right but i have a extra blue wire comming out of the ls dist. that should be for the tach. but then how is my civic tach. going to work? where does the civic get a signal from if there is no wire from the civic dist. for a tach?
probably from the ecu, Im not sure why your plugs were different but the wire colors were at least the same and went to the same relative locations.
if you get it all wired up and the tach doesnt work, then you will have to run the wire.