cheap MS office

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  • One-time purchase installed on 1 Windows PC for use at home or work

$40 isn't bad for perpetual software, remember it was hundreds for each "version" just a decade ago.
yeah, i know. normal price for home is like 150 bucks.

and business is 250

So, how are they legally selling it for that?

and wtf is Office professional '21 when it's not called that on microsoft's site?
So, wait.. the difference is one continually receives updates and the other doesn't? ELI5 pls :D

I just bought a new rig for home and would like to get Office for it
i believe updates will be through windows update just like anything else.

I emailed the company and they said the offer is possible through a registered MS re-seller. So, it sounds legit. They are just wholesaling license keys.

but, its not for sale any more :(
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updates function the same and the products will update even without a valid license key or subscription - they will have extremely limited functionality.

FWIW office 365 through your company "allows" install on up to 5 machines using that email address - outlook and etc. don't need to use that email address to work; only to satisfy the license.

we use this method for our employees who ask about newer versions of office at home. but we do tell them if they term, the software is going to stop working within 30 days.