D16z6 Build For Mid 13's

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My question is how do you safely get a stock 94 Civic EX Vtec 5speed fully interior w/ 17''s to get mid 13's safely, and how much will it cost? Cant use n2o, must use boost. tell me what to do, how much to do it, and what brand name to do it with.... thanks.
If you want a straight bolt on kit for lower boost (5-7 psi), overboost.com sells some kits with good parts and a good price. Then after you build the internals, double the psi, lose the heavy wheels, and do a decent suspension. That'll be a good start for you.
Im thinking Im going to have to do way more then that
Im thinking Im going to have to do the following...

Bore from 1.6 to 2.0
SRP or Wiseco Pistons
Eagle Rods
ARP Bolts
Bigger Valves
Stiffer Springs
New Retainers
Atleast or around 350cc Fuel Injectors
New head gasket
Turbo kit
New intake manifold
Bore out the intake manifold
atleast 65MM throttlebody
Custom 3" exhaust
New Axles
Macleod Clutch
Boost Controller
Boost Timer
New Brakes
New Suspension

thats all I can think of, and I dont know what brand names to go with or what sizes or any of that.
I know Im going to need something for fuel management.

Let me know what is missing. I think I can hit good 13's in my D series if I build my internals so they can take around 15 psi of boost... right?

I need to get the most torque out of my engine as possible, Im not looking for HP ... Im looking for 1/4 mile time, and I want it in the 13's... thats going to take a lot of torque.
don't listen to him. You can make mid 13s with 17s. On track day though, swap them for lighter wheels and you'll make close to 13 exactly, probably.

Also you will most likely want a Hondata stand alone or AEM EMS. (and a place to tune it)

Edit : sorry I missed something, you say 15PSI, but it all depends on what turbo charger you have. 15 psi doesn't really make a difference, it's all about what turbo. Also, with all those internals, you will be able to handle 13s streetable. I wouldn't worry about boring out to 2.0L. That can create some pretty bad block strength issues. Consider less boring, more building of the bottom end. The boost will take care of the .22L your missing out on.
Have you been searching around about turbo on a d series motor. Jump to this forum D Series Turbo. They have alot of info and they have a 88 crx d series with turbo on stock internals and just a vafc to tune and it ran 11.8 in the 1/4. Check it out.
Originally posted by 94Civintegra@Mar 22 2003, 12:32 PM
Bore from 1.6 to 2.0


that is simply NOT going to happen. you can get 1.7 out of a d-series, then you need to re-sleeve, and then, your max is about 1.85. on top of all that, sleeving a d-series is worthless. the amount of money, should just get a b-series.
Yes I found that out today.
Im not going to bore at all, Ive done more research and this is what I decided...

RevHard Stage 2 Turbo Kit (http://www.revhard.com/turbokits.html)
Wiseco pistons
Eagle Rods
Arp bolts
Stage 2 axles
Stage 2 clutch
Apex'i Boost Controller and timer
Hondata s200 w/ turbo
Port and polish the d16z6 head
Crower Racing valves
Crower Titanium Retainers
Dual Valve Springs
Im going to upgrade to a Tial 35mm wastegate
550cc Injectors
3" Exhaust
Greddy Gauges

Let me know what you guys think...
I can buy my old one back from the insurance company for 600 with 78.000 miles on it.
My buddy ran his D16z6 with the Greddy Turbo kit (6psi), Greddy intercooler kit, block guard, stock bottom end (well besides the block guard), ACT stage 2 clutch, lightened flywheel and ran 13.8. Pretty sweet for a SOHC. All in all he spent roughly $4000(CDN). I'm thinking with some fuel upgrades (Hondata standalone, fuel pump) and some forged pistons, built crank and some sleeves, he's be able to run just over 1bar and hit low 13's.
i've seen mid-built d16z's running low 13's with jackson racing supercharger. this might be another choice for you....
For around $1800 you can swap in a b18b motor into your ride? IF you are gonna spend all that cash wouldnt it make sense to do it right in the first place?
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For around $1800 you can swap in a b18b motor into your ride? IF you are gonna spend all that cash wouldnt it make sense to do it right in the first place?
I would have more respect for somebody if they stay with what they had and built it up

I have D16Z6 I'm looking to get 300whp out I don't think I would need more then that

I think everbody thinks more better in some cases its not if you decide to swap engines you will just have one more headache stay with what you got find what you can with it and do it

You might get your ass kick by a DOHC but it least you can say have the orignal engine I personaly race for fun

Orignialty is cool too

So stay with the D16Z6 becouse you know it runs and you know it will fit and start with out changing any thing

But go to www.turbokits.com

look at the FMAX kit its stage 2 you could get it for $3400 and comes with everything you need thats what i'm getting

it should give anywhere from 75 to 100hp safely and lots of torgue more power then you can get with a swap and spend the same amout of money
I recently bought a d16z6, and im planning on putting it in my 4dr civic ef, i was wondering if it would run hard