Dashboard battery indicator

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Hi all, I'm having an electrical issue with an '89 Accord. The battery lamp is illuminating once the engine reaches operating temperature. It will stay on until the radiator cooling fan cuts on and then back on when the fan stops. I've cleaned the terminals at the alternator, installed a new belt and double checked tension, run the diagnostics the service manual lists (checked for voltage at connector to ground). I've checked for an open circuit from one conductor(Blk/Yel) to the fuse box under dash while moving the alternator connector around. I've done the same with the wire(W/Grn) going to the under hood fuse box. The condition of the wiring looks alright. I've also checked for current output and have 45-48 amps output with no load at idle. This is the second replacement this go round and have been back to the parts house to have them test condition using their equipment and expertise. They're as stumped as I. Anyone have a clue (other than a sledge hammer)?

Thanks in advance,

1989 Accord
EFI ~Auto trans
Have you checked the voltage with the car running when the voltage light is on? The output in amps of your alternator doesnt matter if you are sitting at 10 volts which is what I would guess is the problem if your battery light is coming on. My voltage light in my chevy doesnt come un until under 10v, Im not sure what it does in a honda, mine hasnt seen under 13.6v running since I've owned it. This could be a regulator problem, it could be an alternator problem, but until you check the voltage with a dmm, no one can help you! Do that and come back!
Thanks for the reply mwasnp, Yeah, but this time I revved it up to about 3500rpm and got a 16.4 volt reading. I'm guessing that when the fan cut on it drained the surplus, which is why the battery light went off...:shrug2: This will be the third alternator in less than 6 months (aftermarket cr*p). This isn't funny any more and I think that running it for the last couple of weeks in this condition has damaged the battery :mad: (not my car btw) Well my day is crap now. I'm off to get another POS alternator and listen to them tell me it's my fault. :rolleyes:

Thanks again
Have you checked your Voltage Regulator? 16.4 volts seems kinda high. Check the Voltage regutaor and post up again.
Originally posted by rudeludenotmeanthough@Nov 28 2003, 01:07 PM
Have you checked your Voltage Regulator? 16.4 volts seems kinda high. Check the Voltage regutaor and post up again.

Well...it's one of those warranty things and the alternator is replaced. The thing is I can find no wiring problems at the harness. The only aftermarket component that has been added is a cd player (about a year ago) and it was installed with an adapter (no spliced connections).
The parts shop bench tested the last two alternators that I've returned and they both checked OK. I tried to explain that the problem surfaces once the engine reaches operating temp (as with most problems in electrical circuits...heat IS a factor), but they kept telling me the problem is within the car's wiring or another component. Well, I can buy that philosophy IF it's not BS.
I did not want the ability to change an alternator in under 10 minutes...I now possess it. I can only hope it's a bad batch of aftermarket units. If, or when, this happens again I may have to take it to the dealer as I will only have my last resource left at that time.....the sledge.

Thanks again